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    this is just a very personal and subjective interpretation of the tsunami: it's the end of the age of pisces, and the coming of the "water bearer" = age of aquarius... I'ts time to realese the dream, make it free, and NOT only for a chosen few... A fresh start, though full of sorrow and pain, but it is the truth! instead of hiding the grief at the deep, like the age og pisces did so well, it's time to let the different spirits, come out of the closet, many are getting unchained, and the old rules doesn't apply any more, it's time to use to own little secret spot, and stop relying on the mainstream magic... Wake up from the old dream!
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    I disagree ... Ages do not occur suddenly but gradually.

    We are indeed at the cusp of the ingress into Aquarius and that period will extend for the next 150 - 200 years or so. It is the most interesting, and violent, time to live, a transition between the Ages, but the tsunami did not usher it in and neither will the many other chaotic events we are about to witness. We are in a devastating time, but no single event is the "button".

    However, be prepared for momentous and incredible events over the next few years. A nuclear war is almost certain to happen soon. I know it does not seem likely at the moment - wait a year or so.

    Don't be afraid, just prepared ...
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    wow, sounds like fun for EVERYONE

    the end is not far off now

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