Trying to Write a Poem

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by pagansrule!, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. pagansrule!

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    I wrote this recently, but wasn't too thriled with it, so please lend me your frank and honest opinions!

    Trying to Write a Poem

    I’m trying to write a poem now, trying to collect the words,

    Solder them together with similes and metaphors.

    It’s going to be a masterpiece I swear!

    If only-

    Damn I’m hungry.

    A poem can’t be written on an empty stomach.

    I’ll just help myself to some chips, salsa, and crackers, and then I’ll start to-

    I wonder if I have any email?

    I haven’t checked in a few hours, someone must have sent a message, but-

    No, no email.

    I guess I should put my chips and dip away, clean up the kitchen, then I’ll write my-

    Hey what’s that on the news?

    Aliens invade Washington D. C.?

    Eh, old news to me.

    Ah, now I can sit down and write my poem.

    If I could only remember the words.

  2. Biida

    Biida Member

    I'm not too wild about the first three lines. But as it progresses I enjoy it more. Cute poem you've got there, man. It had me quite amused by the end. :)
  3. that was nice... that happens to me all the time!!!

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