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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by CommandoAl3, Aug 28, 2005.

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    Hi all......this is my first time visiting your site, and I am on a quest to find myself, at least I guess that is what you would call it. I am a Vietnam Vet, 55 years of age. I have always thought of myself as a hippie to a point, as I don't do drugs, but consider being a hippie an attitude rather than a lifestyle. I am very bitter about what we went through in Vietnam, and what our fellow brothers are facing in Iraq. I take criticism well, so if this is not the place for me, just let me know and my quest will continue. I love all peoples, as long as they respect others, and if they don't then I won't give them air to breathe. I would much rather walk away from a fight, than to participate, but if given no choice, then a vicious adversary I can become. I also have a great desire to find like minded people, not shallow and empty folks, but folks that think like me and are sincere about it. So if there are others that think like I do, I welcome your comments, and if you don't think the way I do, I also welcome your comments. Thank you for your time.
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    You've found the right place.

    All I ask is I can call you Al, but you won't call me Betty :)
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    hi there and welcome. i'm new here too but i think you've found a good place to speak your mind with a lot of respectful folks to converse with. a lot of different groups hang out in different areas so you can see who you'd like to talk with if you check that out. i'd suggest checking out the old hippie forum which i think you have to go into hippies first to get there. respect for what you've been thru and lots of love!
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    Thanks Confessor......and please feel free to call me Al......and I won't call you Betty lol..........also many thanks for the warm welcome solaray.....that is very much appreciated
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    Welcome home Bro! Though we fought on different sides during Vietnam, you in Nam and I in the streets to bring you home and stop a senseless war it sounds like we have similar attitudes on life. Many of the brothers in my commune were early in vets who came home to work against the war and warn younger brothers what to expect. I was Vietnam era Coast Guard myself. Wander around bro there are many different forums and as many attitudes as there are people. Like was mentioned the 'Old Hippies Forum' is a good place to start, but wander farther afield at you liesure. Enjoy....
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    I have this poem in the poetry forum son is in Iraq now.

    [​IMG] come home soon
    I hugged him as a boy.
    And through the years he has become
    My greatest pride and joy.

    I love him more than I can say,
    His life more precious than my own.
    But gone are the whims and notions
    Of the little boy that I have known.

    For the years have passed so quickly
    Since the time it all began,
    And now he stands before me
    With the convictions of a man.

    He wants to serve his country
    He states aloud with pride,
    As I try to sort out the emotions
    That I'm feeling deep inside.

    A union of the uncertain fear,
    Which I cannot control,
    And the allegiance that lies deep within
    My patriotic soul.

    I trust that my years of guidance
    Will serve as a strong foundation
    As he perfoms the duties requested
    From his beloved nation.

    God, please guide him as he travels
    To the places our Military have bled,
    And walk with him through pathways
    where those heroes' feet have tread.

    Oh, Sweet Land of Liberty,
    Humbly I give you my son,
    Praying you'll return him safely home
    When his work for you is done.
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    Aww,Squawkers...such heartfelt brought a tear to my eye. *hugs*

    Welcome Al...there are all types of people here,you'll fit in just like everyone else does :)

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