Trump's Response to COVID-19

Discussion in 'Politics' started by walkoflife, Mar 18, 2020.

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    This type of reaction politically has amazed me for DECADES !!!!! Everyday people get talked into voting for candidates that are 180 degrees away from what most people actually need in life. How in the name of GOD do people vote for those wanting to take away their health care, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, environmental protection laws, workers' rights protections, etc. Do they ever consider what kind of country and earth they are leaving their children and grand children??? Does everyone think their kids are going to become Fortune 500 company top executives??? That their kids will become rich enough to not need Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, or health care???
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    Why do some of you even bother to argue with a couple certain TROLLS on here?? The points they attempt to make - make no sense. As for which medical expert speaks to the public - what does it matter?? The whole medical community world-wide is working together in a collaborative effort on Covid-19 - they share tests, findings, results, discoveries, etc. What difference does it make who stands at a podium to verbally make the reports??

    If you constantly respond to their idiotic posts, you'll wear out your fingertips!! A couple of these dolts will argue with a stone. If you showed them bear tracks in the snow - they'll try to convince you a mouse made them .........… because REAL FACTUAL EVIDENCE doesn't matter to them. It's what TROLLS do. Why oblige them?? …………… Just a thought.
  3. Ok, you mention real factual evidence

    Show me some "real factual evidence" in regards to your countrys 6ft social distancing rules in regards to Covid 19

    Why 6ft in particular, what studies does that come from?

    Show me this "real factual evidence"

    That should be easy to produce by now right?
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    It's probably a reasonable approximation though. Wasn't there an observation about droplets and average distances or something? I seem to remember it having a scientific basis.
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    The CDC, Duh!

    Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

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    TROLL. Left to argue with a stone.
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    Sorry for the meme images, but if fits so perfectly I had to share this with you...


    Could he be spraying virus laden spittle at the reporters?
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  9. In other words, you don't know
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    In 1978, Jim Jones ordered his followers to drink cyanide-laced Kool-Aid.
    In 2020, Donald Trump told his followers to risk death by not taking any precautions against covid-19.
    Both are/were dangerous religious cults.
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    I think this is sort of part of the response topic because it's being considered (voting by mail) instead of in-person voting.

    Barr: Widespread mail-in voting ripe for fraud 'that cannot be policed'

    I can sort of see what Barr is saying, but I don't think it's insurmountable to put together some kind of system to trace who's voting by mail. You could require a thumbprint or something - anything. But to simply cast out a blanket statement saying that it's a bad idea due to fraud is inaccurate and telling. I think he's terrified of the result because it doesn't bode well for the incumbent president.

    Also, China puts half a million people in lockdown as Beijing fights new cluster and I didn't read it yet, but already I'm led to conclude that they reopened too early... :rolleyes:

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    Let me guess... Those people would be "limited" to voting for Trump.
  13. soulcompromise

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    And the fear that Trump will lose seems to be fueling this statement in my opinion.
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    I just voted by mail in my state's primary. The state requires the ballot to be notarized or supported by a photo ID issued by the State. I did both.
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    He's trying awkwardly to be on both sides of the issue. He refuses to wear a mask and holds rallies in venues where social distancing is impossible and mask-wearing is optional. Yet his Vice President said last week it's important to wear a mask, but said when asked if they should be required, replied that our sacred principle of states rights meant we should leave it to each state. Then he attended a large gathering in a church where he was masked, but many in the audience weren't, and a choir of somet 100 people sang their hearts out, unmasked, spewing whatever they might have to the attendees.
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  18. Only 3 instead of 6 links this time. But you don't actually read the articles when you do that, do you?

    None of them actually mention any studies that support 6 ft, the last one mentions a microbe study decades ago

    They are actually mostly full of experts admitting, we don't know:

    "I’m skeptical that this is all contact or droplet transmission and not inhalation of small particles into the lower respiratory system,” Dr. Lisa Brosseau, an expert on respiratory protection and infectious diseases, recently told The Daily Beast.

    Dr. Harvey Fineberg, head of the Standing Committee on Emerging Infectious Diseases and 21st Century Health Threats at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, echoed that perspective in a recent interview with The New York Times. “The virus is so small, it can hitch a ride even on tiny, tiny particles,” Fineberg said. “But how important is each size and how well they can transmit disease is not fully understood.”

    And none of them mention viral load, that it's not just about contact, it's about repeated contact whilst people are at their most infectious

    Which doesn't mean those scientists didn't know, or didn't mention it. What it does mean is that the reporter, interviewer or editor thought that was too complicated to put in the article. Which is what really is going on

    Virus is only 120nm, droplets only is bullshit, and 6ft was never going to cut it

    You had lockdowns in the US that end up costing you trillions and didn't even slow the spread all that much, ask yourself why at least didn't they say something like, well, if you are over 65, try make it 30ft, just to be on the safe side
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    If people have the right not to wear a mask, don't I have the right to wear one?
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