Trump's Press Conference

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Beutsecks, Feb 16, 2017.

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    Not likely, the horizon is only 16 miles when you're at sea. It's also the wrong time of year to see much beach activity in the US, but then, they ARE Russians!
  2. egger

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    Trump: "I had the biggest Presidential victory in the history of the U.S. Would you believe it? The history of the U.S."

    journalist: "You know, I find that hard to believe."

    Trump. "Oh. How about the biggest Republican victory?"

    journalist: "I don't think so."

    Trump: "The biggest Republican victory since Reagan?"

    Trump: "Since Bush Jr.?"
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  3. 6-eyed shaman

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    You're absolutely right in everything you say. Because only the left wing tells the truth. Nobody else.
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  4. lode

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    Thank god for the intelligence leaks. If they hadn't have happened we would have a sitting national security adviser who committed treason. And the Trump administration, including Trump himself knew and was fine with it. The leaking was telling the American people something we absolutely needed to know.

    Trump had that just loony press conference, which was like him laying on a couch talking to a shrink. And then he sets up pep rally's. Trump has the authoritarian chops to be President of Turkmenistan, but as an american, he's a farce.
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  5. Balbus

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    Can you explain what you mean by ‘a shakedown’?

    I mean this term usually refers to a period of testing after something goes into operation, to work out if there are any glitches, which doesn’t seem to fit here.

    Do you mean shake-up? And if so how far do you want it to go a shake-up can mean anything from minor disruption right up to a full blown revolution?

    The next question follows what do you want done the shakedown or shakeup to achieve, what is the goal?
  6. Balbus

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    As to Mark Dice, he laughed and sniggered a lot but didn’t really say anything, I mean is that the level of ‘insight’ that Trump supporters look for, that’s what appeals to them?

    I mean his major point, in fact seeming only point was that Trump ‘spoke his mind’, but isn’t the important thing the things he is saying not that he can say it?

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