Trump's father born in Germany?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Visexual, Apr 4, 2019.

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    I don't think any of that is not admitted in present day society? It may not be common knowledge for the average joe. But anyone who takes an interest in it can find that out fine or so I thought.
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    I'm thinking we have entered a new era. When I look at the privileged class today, as in Jefferey Epstein and Jared Kushner, I can see we need to ask ourselves whether these persons received special treatment because of religion or because of their billionaire connections? Trump is on record for saying Epstein is a good friend of his and that Epstein was a true socialite and had a preference for girls on the younger side. Trump appointed Acosta to a cabinet job. Acosta was the one who gave Epstein the special treatment after that man was convicted of child sex trafficking. A judge has ruled that Acosta had broken the law to help Epstein. Epstein was convicted of 36 counts which carried a minimum of 10 years in prison each. Acosta cut him a deal which reduced the 360 year sentence to just a few months, with a 12 hour per day work release arrangement. Any other defendant would have got the 360 years or more. In Kushner's case, he was found to be not eligible for a security clearance but was pushed through by Trump. In these two cases, the privilege does not appear to be religion based. It looks more like billionaire cronyism. The facts do not seem to have any impact of Trump's MAGA followers who love him for claiming Germanic roots, and for his bashing of Spanish people and the Semites from the Middle East who are not Jewish.
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    Unlike Americans, Germans keep their uglies off the screens and out of the magazines (with the exception of Angela). They exist, I've seen them. There are some freakin hideous Germans out there.
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    Mutti Merkel is a good example to put Mels assertion in perspective indeed ;) Happily she has other qualities! :)
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    If you turn back the clock far enough, every nation's history has a fucked up past.

    This is such a disgusting thread topic.
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    The topic on itself is neutral. It can be very interesting. And also worthy to discuss. If only sometimes just to put things in perspective (certainly with Europe's long history with antisemitism. If one knows enough of that it would never be asserted in seriousness anymore its a trait or thing particularly belonging to one nation or group or people)

    I think this thread got some good parts thanks to certain reactions. Not primarily thanks to the OP ;)
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    Does that mean that Americas does not matter? Imagine that Americans discussing the bad parts of America's past. I can't have any impact on French law or culture. I can impact American.

    Saying other nations have a dark past is an excuse for America to not aknowlage its own. It's not just America it's something about your love of your own people that some take to extremes. If you go to Japan they will not want to talk about Korean comfort women (sex slaves) during WW2. That is a more recent example than the Civil War of slavery and in Japan it's taught in school as either not a big deal or not happening.

    Study and understand individual tragic events from history. Don't dick measure with them. They are all big enough on their own to get attention.
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    When I say “every nation,” it also includes the USA

    I’m not the jingoist you portray me to be.
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    Tell me about it. In 1837, my Chickasaw ancestors were removed from their traditional homeland in the southeastern U.S. and relocated west of the Mississippi by the forced march known as the "Trail of Tears" to Oklahoma, where we leased land from the Choctaw who had been removed a few years earlier. Even worse, we fought on the wrong side in the Civil War. I suppose we could dwell on these events and be bitter, but we got ourselves together and moved on, as proud, loyal Americans--Native Americans, no less.
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