Trump is good for America.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by scratcho, May 5, 2018.

  1. scratcho

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    Here is my reasoning: This whole era of Trumpism is a very important, expository set of negative circumstances that are illustrating the weaknesses in our system of government. That a person that has no discernable moral compass has successfully been elected, regardless of the litany of civic/unlawful transgressions that occur on an almost hourly basis, will surely bring about needed changes for the betterment of our society.
    I'm thinking that WE, as a country will survive this foray into the minds of the unthinking, the uncaring millions that have standards so low, that this whole childish, dangerous episode is quite alright.
    To have nearly each governmental department headed by those that wish to destroy the effectiveness of those selfsame departments, is going to get a stern 'looking into' for changes by law to preclude repetition.
    It is going to be required of those that come after this debacle--a sense of right and wrong that goes to the core of their being to right the ship of state into that for which we can be proud.
    It will take a steadfast adherence to stop any further interference into our democratic elections. That will be done.
    It will take a different breed of elected officials to completely remove the influence of MONEY out of the process. I think that will happen in due time.
    Same to make the EPA viable.
    Same to make EDUCATION more affordable or free.
    Same to remember what the saying means on the Statue of Liberty.

    I could go on, but this would be a start.
    THIS IS 'SHOW AND TELL', FOLKS. 'They' are showing us who they are----now we have to tell them to get the fuck gone and let some adults back in.

    To add: The president of the United States said : "The press is the enemy of the people." He should be impeached just for saying that, aside from anything else. Where have we heard that before? Only from brutal dictators.
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  2. fraggle_rock

    fraggle_rock Member

    I want to agree with you, but to be honest I think he has taken America closer to actual fascism.

    I know that word gets thrown around a lot, mostly as hyperbole whenever someone is talking about Bush or Obama or something... but to me Trump represents a step towards actual racist, sexist, militaristic, violent, nationalistic, authoritarian dictatorship, backwards-looking fascism. What kind of candidate will the GOP run after Trump?

    I want to believe that people will learn their lesson under Trump, but at the same time, the fact that he was elected in the first place doesn't give me too much hope for that. All it would take is for someone with actual charisma, a similar vision and political savvy... and then fascism wins.

    Meanwhile, if Trump is booted out via impeachment, he will claim it was because he was a threat to the evil establishment, and his supporters will go apeshit. If Trump loses in 2020, he will claim the result is illegitimate. If Trump has 2 terms, the damage he will do will ruin America (maybe the CIA will just kill him-- I hope it happens, honestly).

    The one thing we can hope for is that the massive economic crash for which he is setting the stage with his unspeakably stupid trade war happens before 2020, and people know that it's all his fault. Then maybe they will realize the mistake they've made.

    But since his supporters are mostly older white people, they will probably die before the shit he has set into motion bottoms out.
  3. Okiefreak

    Okiefreak Senior Member

    I can't say I'm hoping for a crash, but I think you're right that only that or nuclear war would be a wakeup call for his base. A more hopeful prospect is that the older component of his base will die out. That will leave the lumpenproletariat of gamers who some pied piper like Milo might lead out of their Mom's basements to cast a vote. Keeping them focused would be a real challenge for anyone.
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  4. rjhangover

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    The other day Twerp said the cons had to keep congress or he would be impeached. He knows he doesn't have the majority. In fact, he lost the vote by over 3 million. It was the electoral college that installed him. The electoral college is a little over 500 votes, that's fascism. But the EC can't override the midterms.
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  5. wilsjane

    wilsjane Member

    I agree totally. He has seen the REAL weaknesses in the countries economic policies that have led to cities like Detroit.
    If the country had any sense, they would have left him to concentrate on financial issues, which are currently simply letting the super rich make money by importing from China at the expense of jobs for everyday workers.
    I wonder if he would like a weekend job as the prime minister of the UK.
  6. Okiefreak

    Okiefreak Senior Member

    How naive. He is the super rich and thanks to his tax cuts they are making money hand over fist. He doesn't give a rats ass about cities like Detroit, except as a come on for dupes--like the ones who enrolled in Trump U.
  7. fraggle_rock

    fraggle_rock Member

    I honestly cannot believe that at this stage somebody actually thinks that Trump is anything but a con man who would say anything to win, not because he wanted to be president, but because he wanted to service his own ego.

    Those unionized labor jobs aren't coming back until demand rises for gas-guzzling pieces of shit, and meanwhile hundreds of thousands of soybean farmers stand to lose over $150 billion because a bunch of old white people don't think anyone should have to adapt to the global economy.
  8. scratcho

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    As you may have imagined, I was/am trying to see through the bad stuff ( technical term) that is happening, will happen and was attempting to have some faith that our form of democracy will weather this onslaught on the government. If we can't or don't get past this mess---we don't deserve to survive. If half the citizens feel that Trump is good for this country and the balance of it's citizens, then I can imagine that more pols like Trump are going to continue this type of behavior right on into the white house for the foreseeable future. I have to say that when Bush won, I was happy in a way that he did. NOW, by damn--( I thought) people will see what republicans do when they are in control of the country. How naive I was. Here they are again with their gifts to the rich, the insensitivity to DACA, and the degradation of everything they touch. As our genius in charge might say--"we'll see."

    Bait and switch comes to mind. Tell the dolts what you're going to do, then--oops--never mind.
  9. scratcho

    scratcho Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    PS: Don't lump this old white guy in with those other old white guys! Please.
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  10. fraggle_rock

    fraggle_rock Member

    Haha... never.
  11. Okiefreak

    Okiefreak Senior Member

    From 1560 to 1715 Christendom was torn by religious warfare. The doctrinal issues were considered to be so important that co-operation with the other side was regarded as selling out. It took the experience of a century and a half of bloodshed to change that attitude. The growing polarization stoked by Trump threatens to create similar division and conflict. It's unlikely though that this could go on for long without it being taken advantage of by our enemies: Russia, North Korea, Iran and others. We've never experienced foreign conquest. I'm highly skeptical that we can avoid that in the future. The notion that our country could survive that is wishful thinking. John McCain is one of the last principled statesmen to serve his country in national politics and he is about to die. We have a choice of straightening up and flying right, or witnessing the destruction of our republic. Santayana warned us "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". Wise words we should heed.
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  12. pineapple08

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    The Christians could not live with out it.
  13. I see what you mean. It's like it sheds light on a lot of the negative aspects of our governmental candidates, therefore maybe they will have to shape up. Scott Pruitt seems to be a shining example of ethical shortcomings lately.
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  14. Ged

    Ged Tits and Thigh Man. HipForums Supporter

    Trump is good for Trump

    I am good for me

    Are you good for you

    What else is there
  15. fraggle_rock

    fraggle_rock Member

    It's really incredible how the right has gone from tax cuts and free markets to tariffs and protectionism in less than 4 years. But of course, this isn't necessarily inconsistent-- it's just that this time around, their racism and nationalism is stronger than their free market dogma. Maybe it has always been... but they were just afraid that they would be judged for it. Well, lucky them... now thanks to Trump, it's okay to BE racist, but it's not okay for people to TELL you that you're racist. It's okay to BE sexist, but not okay for people to TELL you that you're sexist. It's okay to BE fascist, but not okay for people to TELL you that you're fascist.

    Still, Bush is the one who really opened the floodgates to the religious wackos. Remember how he banned stem cell research because he didn't think God wanted it to happen? That set medical science back an entire decade-- and now you have a Christian fascist as the fucking EDUCATION secretary, trying to defund public schools so that the churches and corporate sponsors can take over and start 'teaching the controversy'.

    As soon as Bush let big tobacco fund his 2000 campaign, the professional denialists at Heartland started manufacturing a parallel universe based on nothing but feelings and their own agenda, with FOX and RWNJ news legitimizing it and bullying anyone who doesn't agree... and now that is the world that the right chooses to live in. It's always people who lack media savvy and critical judgment-- the old, the privileged, the stupid, the racist, the bullies and the people who like being friends with bullies... they're the ones who love this world. Even if it isn't real, it doesn't matter... because they like the way it feels, and hate it when other people try to ruin it for them. The good news is that for every truth, there are endless amounts of lies that can be told to counteract that truth... so you can essentially take your pick of which lie makes you feel the best and believe it with all of your heart and argue for it as passionately as you can on forums like these.

    The NY Times, Washington Post, etc... are generally left but they still attacked Obama when he deserved it (over drone strikes, extension of the Bush era, bailouts, and failure to act on other policies)... the RWNJ news doesn't do this-- EVER, because they know it would make their guy seem weak. When you don't care about the truth, you don't have to be self-critical-- and people will see this as a strength. It becomes evidence of your guy's infallibility, and any attacks become a product of your enemy's irrational desire to take him down.

    Shep Smith and now Neil Cavuto are exceptions... but it took a LOT to get them to admit that their cohorts are full of shit-- a ridiculous amount of absurdly transparent pathological lying from a severely flawed candidate that has become the worst, most self-serving, most ignorant and most blatantly unqualified president in the history of the country.
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  16. Lynnbrown

    Lynnbrown Firecracker

    I know I'm going to want to talk (expound) later on this subject. But I must say that I have learned this much from having Orange Dumbo as POTUS...I am actually capable of loathing and despising someone I don't know. I never thought I could really do that, and yet all of his actions, his decisions, his everything revolts me...and to think he represents us, the United States...

    Pardon me while I throw up.

    Anyway, I wanted to address this thing I've read early on about his typical fan base/supporter. Perhaps it is because I live in SC; but I've been most dismayed to see the YUGE number of white youngish to middle age women that have drank his koolaid. I expect the dudes to jump on that wagon, but it isn't just the older white male by any means...not around here.

    Carry on...more later from me.
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  17. scratcho

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    Spoken by a prostitute in Goin'South: " Oh, he's a dumb one. He'll hang for sure." Life imitates art?
  18. Meliai

    Meliai Evenstar

    I tried to see the positive for a while, but honestly it just makes me scared for the future of America because his presidency has illuminated the results of decades of anti-intellectualism, defunding of the education system, Fox News propoganda, etc etc. I feel like Trump isnt the problem, he's merely a symptom of the problem. A culmination of the problem
  19. GeorgeJetStoned

    GeorgeJetStoned Odd Member

    The only flaw in this that I can see is that republicans are being pushed into a corner as if they were a counterculture. Such a phenomenon would attract large numbers of Americans who thrive on being contrarians, the youth of the nation. And this has been brewing since Bill Clinton claimed to be pro pot, then turned around and oversaw the escalation of the war on pot (since crack was basically played out).

    Another aspect of this is the fact Trump was never a "real" republican. He rubbed elbows with democrats for decades. But when he saw his way of life being threatened, he adopted a strategy to push the establishment players from both parties into the light for all to see. Naturally he went after the republicans first, after all they had been throwing in the towel for years, especially when they trotted out that fossilized bastard McManchurian to face down Obama. Then came no-show Romney, what a joke.

    It will be interesting to see how the midterms go. If the democrats are planning to play the "vote for us, we ain't Trump" routine, I doubt they'll do well. What they need to do is present a better plan than Trump.
  20. unfocusedanakin

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    He is the perfect example of history repeating itself because people failed to learn. The way in which Nazism has interwove with the Republican party (without every Republican being one). The way a group of people can be blamed for all the trouble's of the world. The way science is the devil.

    This is what America is. When I look at him I see a man who is angry he has lived his life in the world he has. What he wants more than anything is the world when he was a boy. Strict racial divides, and anyone besides straight white men having no real say in society. The 1960's and the Civil Rights movement were a long time ago. And the average Trump voter never accepted it. They have taught children to never accept it. So even if Trump were gone as I said this is America. The hate and ignorance is what we want.

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