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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Carlfloydfan, Jun 9, 2006.

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    me and my gf have had sex about two dozen times. like most couples, the first few times were fairly quick and a little sloppy as we got used to each other, but things were heated.

    as things progressed it got better. the last half dozen or so times we made love (before she left for SF for three weeks), things were great and very intense. than after the three weeks, when she came back monday night we made love on tuesday at around 1 AM, we had sex twice in 60 or so minutes and that was the pinnacle, it was amazing, very intense. first 5-10 minutes or so was foreplay..than sex...5-10 minutes foreplay.... than sex session #2. I got the
    "oooh, wow" reaction. she loved it!

    than came 4 average sex sessions.... but with good reactions still...not the "oh wow"..but good nonetheless. once around 1/2 pm tuesday..than that night around midnight...than wed. around 2 was okay ...and thursday around 7 was where it got bad. I have always had a tough time with trojans. durex condoms slide on fine..shoulda stayed with those..but got trojans..half the time its a struggle to slide them on for some reason...NO that detracted from the flow. but sex felt like the first few times.

    just a few hours ago we snuck into an empty room like we do a lot, around 2 am. we talked a lot. she is leaving in less than 48 hours, 7000 miles away..we talked about the future...she cried and I held her close...than we fell asleep for 2 hours and before i dozed off, i figured, "eh, its okay if we don't have sex". after 2 hours i awoke at 5 am and wanted it but was still half asleep..oh well. i kissed her, some foreplay...she seemed tired but got into it after some minutes..but i had a tough time keeping it up and needed some foreplay was the worst we ever had..

    and i felt awful after..she tried to reassure me.."oh, we just woke up after a long have a lot on your mind..and we have had a lot of sex wasn't the best but its not so much about the sex as how excited i was before it".

    she is honest, no matter how much i pleaded with her to be honest, she said I was fine.."yes we have had much better, but the foreplay was great and part of sex is the excitement before it". thank gosh for an understanding girl...but I could not keep it up and thats what i can not stand. she deserves a more consistent performance from me and I want to wow her like I did on last time before she leaves. part of it is boredom maybe...we sneak into that room for one get alone time and have sex. its predictible.. I question of I am sexually attracted to her..not as much as I could be..but I am. plus everything else rocks. and i know I am sexually attracted because I get erections sometimes just by flirting with her or hugging/kissing. sometimes those erections seem harder than the ones during sex, don't know why. also I am always hard enough to enter her except for the struggles tonight. but i always feel I could be harder..I know it, hmm...

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