Troll Scientists - 'Useless Science'

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    ''Following up to their last artist release 'Astroschnautzer', Space Boogie continues the trend of...
    ...releasing some of the freshest and funkiest trance out there. Upstart Finnish record label Space Boogie has been making quite a splash of worldwide psy-trance wavelengths for the past couple of years, and their fourth release, 'Useless Science' by Troll Scientists is quite the outdoor autumn stormer!

    Featuring ten amazing tracks with sounds ranging from the ambient dub-tempo spectrum to ultrapsychedelic mashups of old-school sounds thrust through 21st century music technology, and this duo has the skills and talent to back it all up! This music is feral and funky and will whip you up into frothing dance floor frenzies. Featuring a tribute to one of psy-trance's greatest legends and a track collaboration with one of the hottest current talents out there, 'Useless Science' is a must-listen; it's just what you need to get you through the long autumn nights.''

    Track List..

    1. Dumbient
    2. Major french influences
    3. Experience
    4. Trollen Fest
    5. Brain Dead
    6. Time Trip
    7. Hypnotised Scientists
    8. Vill du la luft
    9. Fairy tails
    10. Phone the lab

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