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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by crazydrummer, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. crazydrummer

    crazydrummer Member

    ive heard and listened to alot of pink floyd,beatles,the doors etc while tripping,and they are all good. however the one i found the best is like never mentioned on this board.....led zepplin is awesome during an acid trip....strairway to heaven is fucking amazing theres many other good ones too but thats my personal fav.

    another good band to trip to IMO is Iron Butterfly....
  2. idunno i dont really like all the stereotypical bands that people trip to. yeah theyre good, but there are some wayyyy better bands. give the faint- wet from birth a listen while your tripping. goooood shit. or one mentions alot of good bands on this board...
  3. crazydrummer

    crazydrummer Member

    i guess it all depends on what u listen to when ur not tripping. but i think led zepplin has some trippy ass song...
  4. Song remains the same movie is pretty cool.

    When it comes down to tripping and listening to music, i only find enjoyment playing my own, going to a concert, or listening to music on my super hi-fi system.

    I cant stand listening to MP3's, they take away from what music should sound like.
  5. i agree with that to the fullest. i usually like to listen to music out of a sick system when im trippin. gotta get the full effect or else it just kinda weirds me out. like computer speakers. ewwww.
  6. ConCat

    ConCat Member

    the doors, led zeppelin, primus, and fatboy slim are my favs.
  7. crazydrummer

    crazydrummer Member

    hell yes! the sky dances to stairway to heaven man im telling u!
  8. dead guy

    dead guy Member

    lacquer head knows no inbetweens huffin on bags of gasoline
  9. personally i like ramble on and kashmir
  10. Britteny on sum gel tabs in wicked folks
  11. misty mountain hop
  12. poopzilla33

    poopzilla33 Member

    radiohead while tripping equals insanity

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