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    note that i have done acid for about year before this event...alot of acid. but i was hardly prepared for what i was about to get into.

    i was at an ekostic hookah fest. i'm sure someone out there has heard of them. well i was camped right next to this hippy guru. old dead head. i buy 5 hits of what he called his own personal stash, he called it ALIEN PRINT, because of the alien design on the blotter paper. i asked him if it was strong or mild or what. all he said is "lets just say you wont see spaceships flying around, okay?"

    oh boy was he wrong.

    so me and a freind, we will call him Steve, dosed at 5:11 pm. we were expecting to go and sit down by the band and just enjoy the music. so we waited to come up outside our tent.

    we packed a bowl of Northen Lights with some Bubble hash in the middle and on top. BAM! we start coming up....but this coming up is a hell of alot different than all the other times. it felt as if someone with a huge icecream scooper had scooped out my chest. i couldnt feel my body. i only felt my feet when they hit the earth below me....i looked down at the ground, as we were walking to find some X for latter in the night for the come down, and ripples were coming out from wherever i was walking. i looked up at steve, his face said it all......HOLY SHIT.

    we find a rock to sit down on by the quary waters, and as we look across the quary we can see other people coming down by the water...and that seemed normal, but the trippy part about it was, as they were walking down to the water they were de-evolving. they de-evolved into cavemen as they walked to the water...they scooped their hands and drank from the water. i looked at the trees and they were growing large and then dying and then growing again. bushes and flowers were the same way. wow i thought, wow, i am tripping real hard here.

    so we start walking again towards the stage, cause the music was just sounding so amazing. i noticed something different as we walked...we were peaking and as me and steve were peaking a bubble came around us. one for each of our personal space. everything out side became like i was watching a timelapse movie. peoples movements weren't fluint. very choppy. but as people neared us and came into our bubbles time slowed way down. super slow motion. and when they got out of the bubble they went back to the timelapse way of things. very trippy i thought to myself.

    so as we make our way to the stage, we see it. the stage that is. its this black object floating in space with mushrooms and SPACESHIPS flying out and growing out of it....all we could do is sit at a distance and stare in amazment. the music was so awe-inspiring.

    as the night continued we made our way to the tent, and i ventured out to find someone i knew working there. i go over and in my mind i'm walking very normally and speaking very well. i go and ask this person i know if he has seen this other person i know. and all that person can do is laugh...a group of people grabbed me and took me aside and smoked a joint with me...i spoke to them for while and made my way to my tent. and started to come down.....i had no idea what time it was, but it seemed like the night was lasting forever. i wont get into the X, but it was very nice for the comedown.

    the next day i go and see why that person i knew was laughing when i asked him a question....he told me that i was talking blabber, junk, not comprehesable at all...and i guess i was walking real weird too, and thats why they grabbed me and smoked with me.

    i went to tell the Guru that i HAD seen spaceships the night before! and while talking to him about the trip, he told me that the acid he gave me was 125ug a hit. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    altogether a great expirence and a great trip!!!!!!!

    and i was wondering if anyone else has had a bubble like experince as well....cause seriously it was the best visual i have ever had.
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  3. asilos vulnerado

    asilos vulnerado Senior Member

    How many of the doses did you eat?
  4. MountainMike

    MountainMike Member

    sounds like an awesome time man. ive neever had that experience personally...
  5. FreekoutMcGee

    FreekoutMcGee Member

    two and one half each

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