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Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by pr0ne420, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. pr0ne420

    pr0ne420 Senior Member

    Hello everybody :D!!! How are you guys? Last time I ate mushrooms was a year ago, and last time I dropped acid was in may. I was doing alot of heavy doses of psychedelic drugs and decided to take a break so I could fully internalize my trips. Its been a while, but now I am ready for another trip. On monday, a friend and I are going to eat a heavy dose of mushrooms out of the trays. They just grew to almost full size today so by monday everything will be set. Going to eat between a quarter and a half an ounce. During the day time too. I personally really enjoy mushrooms under the sun. Ill post up a trip report come monday. I love you all!
  2. nesta

    nesta Banned

    day and night are both great, but if i want a "serious" trip i'll usually take them slightly before sunset, so if a purge is necessary, it can be accomplished before watching the sunset shimmer, and then develop to peak once its dark

    or sometimes just at night ;)
  3. Thats a big dose. Have fun. Ill wait for the report.
  4. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    Have a blast! Say hi to ----......_____......----- for me
  5. pr0ne420

    pr0ne420 Senior Member

    Hello beautiful people! We decided to do a night time trip, so we chomped down last night. It was about 2 AM and we ate between 5-6 grams wet. The eating experience was very unpleasant. My friend hated it but I did not mind it too much. The mushrooms started to kick in before I was done eating them, so I ate the rest quickly. About 30 minutes after I finished eating them, I became extremly intoxicated. I was tripping very hard, my face felt so strange, my mouth kept hanging open and my head kept falling backwards. Such a warm and orgasmic energy was controlling all the movements in my body. It was strange bliss. I looked at the moon and saw a techni-color flower of green and blue light surrounding the moon. It was so very mystical. The clouds around the moon were so colorful, golden-red-blue-green clouds all together to form an inexplicable psychedelic wonder, morphing into divine formations that said in some far out telepathic beyond word language "this is how it works." I could choose to like it or not, it just is the way it is. We spent the trip listening to great music in my friends truck, and wandering this town house village. The night was ours, nature was unfolding and showing us her beautfiul nude body. Everything just came together and made so much sense, but at the same time none of it made sense. Sun came up, blew my mind, sunrise is so gorgeous. Somewhere around then I realized that nothing matters. Nothing at all. It was a little chilling but at the same time it was one of the most liberating feelings I have ever experienced. At that point I felt truly free. School, work, obeying laws, society, everything, is my decision. If I want to I can go with society and obey laws and do all that other stuff. But it is a choice. I dont have to eat if I dont want to. I can do what ever the fuck I want to do and nothing is influencing my decisions. So therefore I am free as a bird. Everything has the same destination, were all dead anyway, so nothing really matters. Its beautfiul.
  6. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    i had those strange facial sensations too! weird eh? i liked them

    and that pleasure that courses through your being . . . my god

    it makes opiates look like torture by comparison lol
  7. pr0ne420

    pr0ne420 Senior Member

    Yes. I call the body high organic heroin haha. Urinating was orgasmic too. Everytime I took a piss I would almost faint with pleasure.
  8. nesta

    nesta Banned


    5-6g WET?

    thats like 1/2g dry.....

    ....must have been some damn strong mushrooms to give you visuals.....

    hmm :eek:
  9. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    yeah my last trip was 4 hours of ego loss on 2.5g dry, i think growers are getting better? :p
  10. nesta

    nesta Banned

    2.5 is still a lot different than half a gram
  11. freepskeep

    freepskeep Member

    That sounds amazing. I'm glad it went well. I've heard that low dose mushroom trips can be just as rewarding as high dose trips, but it sounds like you had a full blown experience. Imagine what an eighth of those would've done. I'm making a similar day/night decision myself for this coming weekend. I think I'm gonna take nesta's sunset recommendation. It's still a little too cold to go outside and enjoy the daylight, so it might not matter too much.
  12. pr0ne420

    pr0ne420 Senior Member

    No no no haha I meant equivalent to 5-6 grams dried. We didnt weigh them out but it was ALOT of matter to consume. It took me almost an hour to eat them all. My bad for the misunderstanding.

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