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  1. As of yesterday, I finally purchased 3 grams of some shockingly potent Penis Envy mushrooms. I took them all at once, chewed and swallowed w/o any sort of food or drink to chase it down (This was my first time doing a large dose of Shrooms, last time I indulged was about 4 months ago and was only about a gram of some pretty weak cubes)
    It was without a doubt the most earth shattering and visual trip I have ever experienced.
    Let me preface this by explaining my psychedelic history
    -MDMA (many times)
    -LSD (3 times)
    -Shrooms (3 times [including this one])
    -Marijuana (Too many to count)

    T: 9:48 pm -Outside of party getting ready to start (Near very scenic park, thunderstorm in distance, Ocean view [Live in Florida])

    Chewed and swallowed all three grams at once, very starchy and slight initial nausea from taste but no further problems throughout trip

    So I eat the shrooms ready, for an intense experience, and I figured Id stop by a small get together my step bro and his friend were having (They also took 3 gram doses)
    It took near exactly 40 minutes before effects came on
    At the point I hadnt started visual hallucinations, but waves of tingly sensations keep vibrating through my body, and I knew my adventure was about to begin
    About five minutes after the tingling I saw strange geometric shapes that were almost blocking my vision, So I laid down on the grass outside of the house and stared up and the thunderstorm in the distance, and as that happened the sky felt like it was inches from my face and I was awed at the beauty of the lighting and view of the harbor/dock across the bay.

    From there I decided not to linger to long as I was still in a residential area, so I made my way into the house.
    Inside was a classic pool/pool deck with around 15-20 people inside swimming and socializing with each other so I took a sit and began drinking some light beer and became lost in light thought

    T: 11:00ish pm

    Things stopped becoming light and I began to feel myself rise rapidly, peoples faces began sparkling very much like the classic mainstream "psychedelic" look people often refer to.
    From here things became incomprehensible.

    I completely lost the ability to understand language in any form, yet I could talk.
    One of the most astonishing things about the trip was the feeling of being completely lost. I would close my eyes and go deeper and deeper into strange dimensions of color, shapes, and obscure thought, only to be jolted out by simply opening my eyes

    The universe almost completely melted into me and I completely believed that every thing there every was and every will be was inside this porch, and we were just floating through the blackness of time and space. I knew I was human but has 0 concept of what life was, or how to live it. All I could remember was I had some concept of "Home" I had to get too but didnt know how or where it was.

    While all these strange thoughts were frying my brain, I left quietly outside to the park in order to meditate and enjoy the beauty of night.
    I sat down in perfect harmony and felt and heard all of the enviorment around me, and genuinely thought myself a guru who had the secrets to all, while I thought in the back of my mind what this trip could teach me, and how it could change me (At this point I was no longer "peaking" but on a very high plateau that would last for many hours)

    After what I think was an hour and a half, I had a friend drive me home but didn't take much notice of the world around me as we speed toward my house which I almost regret.

    T: 12:30ish am
    Home on my porch, where the open-eyed visual hallucinations were most violent and earth shattering but my mind wasnt confused, I knew who I was.
    I Looked up at the trees and my view became tunneled and all the tress melted into two sides which were swaying quickly and rapidly in a very comical manner and the entire world turned on a very dark violet/purple color that would remain a theme for the rest of my trip.
    It was at that point I simply started crying for no reason in particular, only that I needed a release and was simply amazed at this raw power

    After my tears had dried up I felt no need to go home early, so I left to my neighbors house (Who is also my drug dealer) and ironically he too was having a party which was coming to a close at this point. I walked in w/o knocking and someone told me he left to smoke a blunt with some girl so I waited for his return (No reason really, just needed company of some sort)

    When he returned I traded him a bottle of tequila that I brought over for some weed and a cigarette.
    He kicked everyone but me and 2 girls at this point.
    (Right now my visual hallucinations were still wild my mind was settled and at peace, so these last view hours were my favorite part of the trip)
    While one girl took care of the other (who was vomiting in the bathroom from being too drunk) my neighbor took my on a very heart to heart car ride which I knew id love with these amazing visuals.

    T: 2:15am
    We both got into the car and he began driving through the dark and my entire spectrum was changing, the road was being pushed up in strange purple waves and every single light was a kaleidoscope of several different colors
    (Also let me preface this by saying hes kinda scumbag classic drug dealer look, excersize shorts, slides, tank top [Hes done shrooms a few times but he does not like psychedelics because of the way it changes you each time, which I could respect)
    He took me on a ride and had a heart to heart with me about life, religion, and everything which shocked me because he doesn't strike you as a deep person, but he had a strange wisdom to him that night.
    He explained to me his experience with shrooms and I was fascinated listening to him talk and listen to his rap music (Which I don't particularly enjoy, but I liked the beats at the time)

    He drove me around town and my vision remained the same with the dark purple and entire world swaying with kaleidoscopic lights all around.

    When we came back to his house I sat on his porch and smoked a bit and watched the door and fan change colors and move. The fan had Egyptian hieroglyphs and the door was moving up in down and side to side in an orderly fashion.

    T: 2:45 am

    At this point I felt myself coming down and clung to the very last hallucinations and relaxed myself as I sank into his chair

    T: 3:00 am

    Bam. Gone. Nothing. No more hallucinations the trip had just stopped and I knew what had happened.

    T: 4:00 am

    Finally in my own bed trying to go to sleep as strangely unusual thoughts caressed my brain into unconsciousness .

    This trip was beyond what I couldve ever expected/hoped for
    I am blessed for remembering so much of it, as I knew that to be unusual
    To put into words how I felt during, and after this trip would disgrace it.

    Peace and love

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