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Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by PeaceAndLove311, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. The lights were low, and my room was cool as I took the Salvia into me. Three strong hits and I was feeling heavy, so I laid down. With every blink of my eyes, I would see people running straight at me with flowers in their hands. Eventually I got up the courage to just keep my eyes closed, prepared for some intense closed-eye visuals. The people kept running at me, and I felt as if I was at a camp, and these were camp-counselors. They would throw the flowers in my face, making a splash of every color imaginable wash over my entire being. I could see that they were talking to me, but couldn't hear their words. Suddenly I heard an overpowering voice say "Come with us," and I was running with them. I could feel myself running through the back of my head, out of my house, off the Earth, into orbit, and out of this Universe. When you run backwards out of the Universe, you see that it's all just one entity, it's all one being. I saw that one being, and she was a lady. We walked, and held hands, and we laughed. She knew me more than anyone ever has, and I knew her only as myself. We were one, just like all of us, all of you reading this and everything in all of existence, are one. Salvia taught me that with everything in this world is connected. If you have any questions, or would like to hear more Salvia stories, post back or PM me.

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    Excellent trip report! Thanks much, and it's good that you have met Mother Salvia ... I'm a Gaian-panentheist myself, which means that I believe Mother Salvia is the spirit and manifestation of the Universe/Earth; that they are one in the same, and are connected (at least on a low level) with all that dwell inside it. =)

    So, glad to hear that you've had a good trip!

    Edit: Did you use an extract? If so, what strength, and how much did you use?
  3. ForestNymphe

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    Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience. =) My second trip on salvia was similiar to yours, the benevolent presence of the Shepardess, the beckoning to come and know more.
  4. Hikaru, I actually just used plain leaf, I'm very receptive to even the slightest influence, so even low doses have a profound impact. I never do any more than 3 hits of plain leaf, and it's always a very strong experience. Please, tell me more about Gaian-panentheism.

    Nymph, I'd certainly love to hear the details of your trip, if you wouldn't mind.

  5. Hikaru Zero

    Hikaru Zero Sylvan Paladin

    Hmm ... I think when I (eventually, if ever) run out of extract, I'm going to order some plain leaf, and possibly carry a pipe with me. =P

    Well, Gaian-panentheist isn't really a religion ... it's mostly a term I coined for myself since I don't fit into any particular religion. But, I'll explain the general parts ... and if you want to know all the specifics later, I'll PM you or something.

    Basically, it's a spirituality ... there's no (necessary) worship; the only thing necessary is to be true to yourself and others.

    To best describe it ... you must first know what pantheism is. In short, it's the belief that the entire universe, including physics, time, and phenomena, IS god. That we are all a part of god. PanENtheism (note the extra "en") was a term created to describe the same belief, with one notable difference: Physically, that we are part of god, but that each of us has a "spirit," and that that spirit is independent of god.

    And the "god" figure of the belief, is less of a "god," and much more of a "universal consciousness" that gives direction to reality through physics and such. This universal consciousness flows through every place in the universe (thus, as it IS the universe, in a sense).

    Now, since "God" is a pretty -- er, -- misconstrued concept, I choose to call this universal consciousness Gaia, named after the Greek goddess of the Earth. Of course, my concept of "Gaia" is different than the Greeks' in that Gaia is more than just the spirit of the Earth, but the spirit of the universe itself, and that Gaia isn't necessarily male or female (though I believe Gaia has more qualities that would be considered female by us humans).

    Regardless ... Gaia has, in a sense, created the universe from herself (I use "she" to describe Gaia simply out of ignorance and convenience), and given humanity life. Not in a "the world was created in 7 days" sense, but rather, giving reality such direction that evolution of humanity would eventually become possible.

    The mentality is that Gaia has given us life, a planet, and friends, and expects us to do whatever we want with that life, so long as it doesn't infringe on the inherent rights of others (such as the right to live, the right to be free, etc.). Unfortunately, we, as human beings, have strayed away from this kind of mentality, and centered ourselves around our egos and personal desires.

    The goal is to achieve Oneness with the Earth, and with Gaia; humanity has disrupted the balance of our Earth, and we'll eventually lay it to waste if things do not change. Our goal is to do our best to restore this balance, and live a good life as best we can, and if we manage to find enlightenment along the way, then that's great.

    And that's the basics ... there's more thought into it, especially quite the possibility that Mother Salvia (that feminine presence we've all felt on our psychadelic excursions) is the unconscious essence of Gaia herself, and things like the "Black Box" theory about the brain, but those are best left for some other time ...
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    I like your trip report very much and can drink it in without any interpretation.
    just as you wrote it I have enjoyed simmilarly and hope to write so simply.
  7. ForestNymphe

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    Hi Hank,
    Buried in this forum are a few of my trip reports. *lol* It's been awhile since I have used salvia.

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