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Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by lifer02, Feb 16, 2009.

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    ok, so to start this off id like to say i smoke weed all the time, and have dropped 2 1/2 hits of acid once. last night i took an eight of pretty strong shrooms from what i was told(and they obviously were) and so did my two friends who were with me, so we were all tripping balls.

    we started off by eating them in sandwiches then smoking a blunt and started watching over the hedge..everything was so funny and i could not stop smiling/laughing and had an overwhelming feeling that i was protected by god the entire time. the movie was great and colorful, but it was after the movie that got me..

    there was an episode of futurama on tv where fry was getting lost in bad dreams, and different characters had the other characters voices(but this was how the episode was really made) and it seemed like the show was saying everything i was thinking and the bad dreams in the show were symbolizing me in a bad trip, then i looked at my friends and asked if they were seeing that shit too, and they did, and they both were freaking out like i was, so we quickly changed the channel.

    after another hour we started peaking and went to the computer room to listen to music and fuck with the fish tank..which was awsome. we talked about the meaning of life for about an hour and a half, and were contemplating govt conspiracies and why we arent allowed to use drugs, why people are medicated/labeled with medical conditions like depression and anger problems when thats how you were supposed to be born..

    over all it was just fucking awsome and i cant wait to do it again!

    ps the colors were fricking amazing

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