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Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by ForestNymphe, May 16, 2004.

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    Dose: Two bong hits of pure salvia leaf.

    This is my husband's trip report. First time experiencing Salvia.
    He asked me to post this for him since he is not a member of these forums.

    Salvia Trip

    I took two bong hits, one right after the other. Even after the first
    hit I could feel a pounding in my head and the sense that something
    quite odd was happening. I quickly took the second hit and handed the
    bong to Kaitlyn. After that everything went dark. I don’t remember
    lying down on the couch. (Kaitlyn afterward told me that as I lay on
    the couch I began saying "oh my god!" over and over again…thinking back
    on it I seem to have a vague memory of saying that a couple times,
    though I have no recollection of why…). The next thing I knew I was in
    a very dark place. I had no sense of who or what or where I was, just
    this sense that I had existed forever in this space time continuum,
    with no thought processes whatsoever. I was simply a part of the
    overall Life essence that exists in the universe. While in this state I
    was vaguely aware of being in a dark void with a distant light off to
    the left of me. The light represented the furthest reaches of the
    universe, and I was the vast expanse and had always been.

    I began to hear a voice, and I sensed that a large female motherly
    presence was looming over me from a mile up in the sky. I was now lying
    down looking up at the night sky and seeing stars. I seemed to be lying
    in front of the family home in Pacheco and feeling very young, almost
    an infant. Images long forgotten from my childhood were flashing
    through my mind. I felt as though we had just returned from a carnival
    or local fair and were about to go inside. I felt very very small, and
    could not move or speak. Perhaps I was an infant lying in a baby
    carriage? I began to be aware of the image of a vast blanket of
    parachute material flowing over the night sky in a wave-like motion.
    The blanket filled up half the sky and was red on the outside and dark
    as night on the inside. The blanket kept rolling over the sky in wave
    after wave, and I felt that it was rolling over me and wrapping me up
    into a cocoon. The huge motherly presence above me was speaking to me
    in reassuring tones, and I began to feel that the waves rolling across
    the sky were her arms folding over me into a loving, secure embrace.
    The oddest part of this was that in addition to hearing the voice of
    the motherly presence I was hearing other female voices repeating the
    words "doublemint, doublemint, doublemint gum" over and over again with
    each successive wave of the parachute material. It was at this point
    that I slowly began to remember who I was, and that I was now existing
    in a dimension completely removed from my waking life. When I
    remembered that there was an earthly life form named Dan living in 2004
    I became acutely concerned. I wondered where I was now, what this place
    was and where was my physical body? I tried to move and found I still
    couldn’t move my limbs. I became frightened and began to worry that
    something really horrible must have happened to me to put me in this
    other dimension. There was no recollection of having taken Salvia. Had
    I gotten into a horrible accident and was lying in a hospital bed
    somewhere, skimming across the boundary between life and death? This
    thought really freaked me out and I thought that if I was going to live
    I had to fight this sensation and try to move, and hopefully wake up. I
    wondered if I was in a coma. It seemed I had been here for an eternity.

    The more I tried to struggle the motherly voice kept trying to speak to
    me in reassuring tones, and suggested that I should stay. The more I
    struggled to escape, the voice began to take on a hypnotic quality, as though someone were trying to manipulate me or talk down to me. It felt
    a little condescending and patronizing in the sense that I was being
    made to feel that I didn’t know what was best for myself, and to just sit still.

    It was at this point I finally began returning to my physical body. I
    saw in a very shadowy periphery our big cat Romeo pass by the couch and
    Kaitlyn calling to him. I struggled to move my leg and Kaitlyn told me
    to lie back down. Her voice sounded like the motherly presence and I
    felt as though she knew something I didn’t, and that I still must have
    been involved in something serious to be so incapacitated. I had the
    dreadful sense that I had done something wrong, that it was my fault I
    had gotten into an accident and that I had caused great concern to
    Kaitlyn and my mom and dad. I felt so bad. Suddenly though, now that I
    could see the living room again I remembered who and where I was, but
    my body was tingling like crazy, my hands and feet were sweating,
    though I didn’t necessarily feel hot, just very electric. As I tried to
    move my leg I remember Kaitlyn coming over and urging me to lie back
    down. I resisted because I was afraid of going back to that place,
    which might be death, but since I still couldn’t move very well I obeyed.

    I momentarily slipped back into that other place and saw the waved
    rolling over me again. This time they rolled in a quick successive
    shuttering motion, like the spokes of a wagon wheel in the movies, the
    waves appearing as multiple superimposed images flashing in slow motion
    and hearing the "doublemint" voices again. It became very dark again
    and this time I was once again experiencing a memory from early
    childhood of lying inside a camping tent at night and seeing a lantern
    hanging from the ceiling. I sensed my dad and grandfather sitting there
    playing cards. Then the rolling shuttering waves returned, accompanied
    by the ‘doublemint" voices and I struggled once more to return to
    normal consciousness. The fear and sense of dread that I might not be
    able to return was most unpleasant and I struggled hard to come back.

    Then I was back on the couch and looking at Kaitlyn sitting in the chair across from me. I felt my entire body humming with electricity
    and my vision was a little blotchy, like coming out of a serious head
    rush. At this point I was able to sit up and began conversing normally
    with Kaitlyn. The paralyzing effect of the trip was now receding
    rapidly and I was able to begin relating to her what had happened to
    me. I was pretty disturbed by the intensity of what I had just
    experienced and was glad it was finally over. Despite this my body was
    left with a rather pleasant tingling and my mind with a peacefulness. I
    was excited and tried to tell her in detail what had happened. It was
    very hard to articulate so I tried over and over and after what seemed
    to me only a minute or two she said I had been explaining it to her for
    almost an hour and I had told at least 5 different versions of what had
    happened. I still felt as though I wasn’t explaining it adequately and
    felt an overwhelming sense of urgency to explain it all again. Although
    parts of it frightened me terribly I felt that something extremely
    important had happened, however I wasn’t sure what it was or if I had
    learned what I was supposed to have gotten out of this.

    In other trip reports I read the people mentioned feeling relaxed and
    rejuvenated afterwards. Instead I felt completely drained, and my body
    racked. My lower back was aching and I felt as though I’d been involved
    in a long struggle. I would not compare this experience to
    hallucinogens. I’ve had numerous LSD and mushroom trips, and though in
    many of them I had also experienced feelings of anxiety I had never
    been so incapacitated as to forget the fact that I was on drugs. I
    would instead compare it to being whacked on nitrous oxide at the
    dentist, or knocked out on sodium pentothal when I had my wisdom teeth
    removed. No sickening feeling of medication afterward though, just the
    feeling that I had been knocked unconscious. Coming out of it reminded
    me of the time once when I was a teenager smoking pot and then
    deliberately hyperventilating and passing out. That time I experienced
    some cartoon-like dream state with a massive headrush as I came out of
    it. It was fun back then, but this time was scary.
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    I sat for Dan as he experienced his first journey with Salvia. He has asked for me to sage the house while he meditated for ten minutes before taking the dose.

    Two bong hits were ingested in rapid succession, me having to take the second bong from his hands as it seemed the salvia hit him instantly. Dan then laid down and closed his eyes, stating "Oh my god!" over and over again, probably for a solid minute and a half. His body was very tense, hands clutched at his chest, his knuckles almost white as he clenched his fingers. His face contorted a few times and when he opened his eyes, they shone and it was easy to see he was somewhere else. Light sweat on his forehead and no change in breathing. His breaths came unlabored and steady.

    At his request, I allowed my small herd of cats to remain and all but one, were content to sit in the windowsill and sleep. Romeo wanted to jump in Dan's lap and I motioned to him to come, and scooped him up so he would not scare the wits out of Dan. I had not spoken a word at this point and left Dan to experience Salvia without introducing outside stimuli. Dan at this point tried to stand up and started to waver, almost falling into the coffee table. Oh so gently I urged him back to a sitting position and he lay back down. "Lay down and relax." were my only words spoken to him. He tried to speak but his speech was completely garbled. Within another minute, maybe two, he was slowly emerging from the experience and was eager to talk about it. He also wanted a cold beer, which I brought and I then listened to several variations of the trip report posted. He spoke for well over an hour.
    He was very shaken up and frightened and perhaps a little angry. He told me of his desparation to leave the salvia space and he fought it tooth and nail. He refused to let go for he feared he would die.
    He is doing better this morning, though he had awful dreams. I am sorry his experience was scary for him. Salvia is not for everyone.
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    I would back off on the amount taken if anxiety is high.
    the difference in experience can be quite dramatic based on amount.
    the attached image appears like a salvia space warp I have at least once visited.
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    We had talked about that. If there is a next time for him, the amount will be reduced. He is such an anxious guy as it is.
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    hmmm sounds like one hit would have been a better starting amount there. I've never done Salvia Divinorum because I've never actual read a good trip report. I know some one whos done it but when she was trying to explain it to me I was high on 2 hits of e and she was high on acid so comunication wasn't great. I think I'll stick to LSD for my little vacations though much more pleasent and engaging.

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