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    Crazy old man walks up to me
    I said, a crazy old man walks up to me
    Tells me what to see
    He calls to me
    Makes me an offer I can’t refuse
    Washes out the flames in my eyes
    Burns a hole through the fabric in my clothes
    Faster I run
    Clearer he comes
    Am I running backwards?
    I ran right into a pig
    My father is a good American
    Why does he eat so much bacon?
    How can you be a vegan?

    Preservatives are what preserves you
    The man came to me tonight in a dream
    Told me to remember
    Remember Nixon
    Remember Lennon
    Remember the Hoover Vacuum Corporation
    Remember John Sinclair
    He told me “You ain’t cool, You’re fuckin’ chilly, and chilly ain’t never been cool, son."
    He dared me to ask if my money could buy back my soul
    Tells me wearing a Che shirt doesn’t help anybody but myself
    Tells me to collect postage stamps
    Put your hand down
    Put it down
    Call out
    Shout out
    Don’t talk out of turn
    The next morning I walked to Washington Square Park
    I only live a few blocks from there
    But I took the subway uptown first
    I wanted to see how the fancier pigs live
    It was there I saw many people
    Being dragged along by their furry masters
    Picking up their shit after them
    It made me wonder who’s really in control

    My watch told me he was angry with me
    He said I look at him too much
    My phone told me he needs to daydream more
    My wallet wants a polishing so he can go on a date tomorrow
    But he told me he’s flat broke

    Once I got to the park
    I lit up a cigarette
    I smoke because a talking camel tells me too
    Monday is blue for the eskimos
    I saw a woman walk by
    I thought she was beautiful
    But the television tells me only the first 110 pounds of her is
    Is that why she cries at night?
    She had eyes so sharp they could freeze hot water
    And a blazing gaze shot forth from them
    The bridges into her mind were raised

    I saw an owl in a tree
    Speaking to me, he said “Be free”
    This got me thinking
    I think I should get a pet
    They are on sale today at Walmart
    Buy two owls get one free

    Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
    I’m just being a good Amerika
    Take what you can get
    Take from others
    If you’re rich you can
    But if you’re poor don’t try
    Or you’ll end up in slavery for 3 to 5

    It was half a pack and 30 minutes before I noticed the man sitting opposite me
    He had on mirrors instead of glasses
    I saw myself in him
    I was scared of this
    I stared myself in the eyes for a very long time
    I told him he ought to get a house and a wife
    He told me “the human dream doesn’t mean shit to a tree”

    He asked me if Walmart was selling souls yet
    He told me the government is a white man
    He asked if I thought the water was still safe to drink
    Make love not war was coined by men who wanted to get laid
    I can’t fall in love
    I’d rather be with my new owl

    The man started to slide away
    By the time I looked up
    He was gone
    On the bench were his glasses
    Staring up at me
    I put them on and got on with my day
    I had a job to do

    COMMENTS? Thanks...
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    remember nixon? we have out own politicians to worry about.
  3. Miss_Beatle

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    Great poem :)
  4. jlah1009

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    i appreciate it

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