Tribe 9pm tonight tripping

Discussion in 'The Psychedelic Experience' started by pantalimon, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. pantalimon

    pantalimon Member

    BBC2 Tonight (UK) 9pm
    Sign Zone: Tribe
    Bruce Parry meets the Babongo people of Gabon, and learns about their traditional coming-of-age ritual. The young men of the tribe ingest a powerful hallucinogen, and must endure three days of terrifying visions as part of a `rebirthing' process. Taking the drug himself, the explorer soon discovers some surprising side effects, including vivid memories of his childhood and people he has hurt through his actions, intentionally or otherwise, which lead him to believe the root stimulates the areas of the brain that control guilt.

    This guys programme last week was really intresting so this sould be good fun
  2. pantalimon

    pantalimon Member

    Wow that was excelent, distrubingly attractive to take althogh IBOGA(Dissumba) might be a little difficult to get hold of. Apparantly its given to heroin addicts as a cure trip.

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