Travelling by foot to Katmandou

Discussion in 'Asia' started by kodou, Jan 22, 2005.

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    I am a French girl who has been dreaming of Katmandou for ages...
    I want to reach this city by foot from France.If you are interested to follow me in this adventure,i give you my email

    We would go through:Italie,Croatie,Grèce,Turquie,Iran,Pakistan,India and then:Nepal.
    That would take at least 1 year,and we would decide the departure together...
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    by foot, you mean . . . . ..
    not that im feint at heart, or out of shape, but are you step for step walkin it, no bicycles/hitchhikin/random money for bus fair/ train hoppin? there was a guy in america in the 70's that wrote a book about his very strict step for step walk across america, it took him many years, but national geographic gave him a camera and some money for the trip, cus he visited them on his way. his name was peter jenkins. im very interested, and i have all the gear, but im already an american and on bush's watch list, so that route may be dangerous for me . . .he another reason to go. when you leavin?

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