Travelling Barefoot? Visit “the Barefoot Traveller’s Tepee”!

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  1. Travelling, backpacking, hiking… Many of us LOVE it, and some of us ENJOY it even more if they’re doing it barefoot! I’ve spent YEARS on the road, and I’ve been barefoot all the time. Meeting other like-minded souls, spotting another pair of tanned, dusty bare feet with soles black as coal is cool, one knows immediately: We’ve something in common! I’ve met a good many barefoot traveller: The typical newcomer – with a pair of flip-flops dangling from his backpack – and people like me, with no shoes at all in their luggage, trusting in their leather-like soles, toughened over many months. Chatting about our experiences is always fun, and one day, I was thinking: There should be a place in Cyberspace for our tribe, a place too meet, to share stories – while on the road, after returning home, while planning a new adventure… Searching a while, I’ve found an EXCELLENT Web-Page:

    Thanx for the wonderful work, Martin! You’ve inspired – and encouraged! - many of us…

    Martin’s page is gr8: You’ll find many stories and loads of pictures as well as useful background-info. But it’s not actually a MEETING PLACE… That’s why I’ve created a Yahoo-Group – our very own “Virtual Tepee”! Here’s the link and the group-description:

    The Barefoot Traveller’s Tepee

    Have you ever thought about TRAVELLING BAREFOOT? Most probably, that’s why you’re here, right? No matter if you’ve been travelling for many weeks or months without even carrying any shoes or if you’re just back from your first barefoot trip: You’re WELCOME! This Group is the virtual home of our tribe – a place to share our stories, talk about our experiences and encourage every newcomer to “keep ‘em bare”! Leave your shoes outside and enter our tepee! The chai is ready…

    Let’s talk about the joys of travelling barefoot! How amazing, how special it is… I’ve spent YEARS on the road: Exploring the wonders of Ancient Egypt, getting lost in the bazaars of Damascus, relaxing at one of those beautiful, pristine beaches in Maharashtra or Kerala, hiking in the Himalayas - ALWAYS barefoot, without any footwear in my backpack, trusting in my leather-like soles, toughened over many years... Covering thousands of kilometres on my bare soles, I’ve made friends on many continents… “Barefoot, free and happy”, that’s my motto!

    It’s exciting to roam around barefoot, and it’s definitely the most environment-friendly way of travelling, especially if it comes to activities like hiking in ecologically sensitive regions (e.g. the Indian Himalayas)! It’s a lifestyle, a way to express ourselves… And of course an amazing sensual experience: We can FEEL the ground! Who would wear gloves all-year-round? Nobody! So: Why shoes?

    Travelling barefoot, I’m far more “in touch”, in touch with nature, with Mother Earth… Energy can flow freely, I’m never disconnected. Somehow you’re more defensive, less aggressive if barefoot… It’s very refreshing and stimulating too, and moreover communicative to a degree one wouldn’t expect: I’ve made friends in many countries, explaining WHY I’m roaming around barefoot!

    Again: Welcome, thanx for joining! Leave your shoes and… SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS!

    Are you ready to share your opinion about travelling barefoot? – there’s an online-poll “Travelling barefoot”! Cast your vote…

    For some of us, it’s only a small step from travelling barefoot to spending our whole life on bare soles. I’m one of those lucky fellows, and I’ve created a separate poll “Living barefoot”:

    Living barefoot isn’t a “spleen” and our tribe no “bunch of freaks”: Many share our passion, all over the world! If you’ve still ANY doubt: Visit the “Barefoot Traveller’s Tepee” and go straight away to the Link-section!!! You’ll find almost 70 links (so far), opening you the door to a new world, a whole universe of barefoot activities! You’ll be surprised to read about barefoot teachers and workers, parents and children, about fellow barefooter from Australia, UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Malta, Canada, the US and China, about barefoot hiker and biker, a famous pianist performing barefoot, the bare-pawed furry community, running barefoot, barefoot sport… Have fun – and get inspired!


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