Discussion in 'Europe' started by jendi17, May 28, 2004.

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    Whenever I can scrounge up enough money, I'm planning on taking a trip to Europe, so I was wondering...

    Is there any transportation which travels all over Europe. The countries I'm planning on visiting are Spain, France, Italy, and Greece, and maybe some others. I'm looking for something pretty cheap, but decent that will take me to most of these places. If you know anything, please post!

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    1 is a good bet, and they have a link on the site for the eurolines website, where you can access other coach sites in europe from :) fairs are pretty cheap, though coach journeys can be long and are a pain if you have long legs :(
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    I hear you (the long legs thingie).

    Maybe you should check out interrail? It's only for europeans I think, though.
    Ticket is relatively not too expensive (399 euros for a month global pass ticket if you're under 26).
    It's a bit tricky though because Italy and Greece (+ Slovenia and Turkey) are in one 'zone', France (+ Netherlands and Belgium) are in the other and Spain ( + Portugal and Marocco) is in some other zone as well, so you'd have to buy a global pass.

    But still, I think trains are very good way of travelling, quite confortable as well.

    Check this link out if you're interested to read some more:

    I hope I've helped you, at least a little bit.


    EDIT: I've just noticed you're from the states, you should check out Rail Europe, it's just like Interrail, I think, but it's for americans:

    Check out that page anyway, I think you will find it quite useful:
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    If you plan to go to Germany, take the railway... there's a special, very cheap kind of ticket for backpackers, which allows you to travel for some weeks through whole Germany, but you can't use the fast trains like the ICE, so you have to take the slow regional trains which stop, exagerrated, at every farm, but this can also be a nice experience :)

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