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    More and more my dreams take place in bus stations or train stations. I find myself wandering around, but never actually getting on a bus or train. Sometimes I go to these places just to buy a newspaper or have a meal or just to soak up atmosphere. Much of the time I feel like there's some reason for me to be there but I just can't figure out why. Is this meaningful?
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    Sage Dreamer,

    maybe the stations are like junctions of energy where all ends yet all begins anew even as your attention brings it into awareness ... places of change, and of transmission.

    And there are so many ways to go ... which will you take? But you are the center all the time, even as you are a traveling spark of awareness.

    Just don't be taken away by distraction, and go with your heart.

    Have a good day
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    exploring and creating are the two things that gratify. maybe what is being suggested is that you've been too long in one place, doing one thing, looking at things one way.

    if you could buy or ticket or not have to, but just get on one and ride arround and see more of your world that would more then likely be a good thing.

    my dreams are often about the idea of going places and being able to look arround. the ones that involve trains or bussess and places to get on them.

    in one way school is like a station where you are waiting to get on the train that will take you through the rest of your life.

    the vast diversity of both what there is to learn and what you are learning, and of the trains and busses and the different directions the can go.

    becaue you can have many more dreams then you can live lifetimes you can explore this landscape and map it in your mind perhapse as much or more thoroughly then life is ever long enough to do so in our tangable waking world.


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