Transphobia has no place in feminism

Discussion in 'Transexual and Transgender' started by sneepsnop, May 1, 2013.

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    As a feminist and someone who identifies as being gender-queer, I get really pissed off when I hear about or speak to people who oppress those in the trans* community and still call themselves social justice activists.

    Someone said something like, "trans women do not belong on this side of feminism because they were not born female and can never understand our issues"

    how absolutely insufferable can some people be?

    trans women are women and they should be able to have a place in feminism without fear of oppression.

    Another idea is that "trans men should be ashamed because they are not proud of being born female, they are turning their backs on women to fit in with the oppressors"

    That is definitely not what it means to be transgender.

    Basically, I'm very done with transphobia in a place where people should be getting together with open minds and fighting oppression. To deny that transphobia has a place in feminism would be ignorant.

    Trans* issues should be addressed in the feminist community, not ignored.
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    Like all other objects and etc which are constantly judged for only one of many of the things that it can possibly do. For example a knife, fork and a spoon -- all these things can be used to harm people none the less or even more commit other crimes as well other than the expected possibilities.. There are now hatred towards trans* people in the feminism environment because of the people that are concerned in it -- it is the people who choose to follow the true form of feminine philosophy who are considerably open minded then those who aren't just aren't.
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    I agree sneep---but trying to point out the wrong-headedness of people would be like trying to give every begger in Bombay a dollar. Can't do it. You're very open minded for a young one,but I think you'll see that throughout your life,dipshits galore will appear.
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    I know there are dipshits galore out there but this is a very important issue and needs to be talked about at every opportunity. That is because people who call themselves feminists and yet exclude transwomen from the feminist movements obviously have no clue what it means to be trans.

    Trans women were born female. Those feminists on the outside (of the trans community) cannot see what "being female" means or doesn't mean. It's not just about what others can see. It encompasses many parameters. I am considered a transwoman by many who don't know my story. From what they see, if I wasn't born female by their definition, then I was certainly born male. But I wasn't born male either. I know about oppression and I am aware of feminist issues.

    Thank you, Sneeps, for bring out this pertinent issue.

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