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Discussion in 'Body Modification' started by lemoncassirole, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. I’ve wanted a tattoo that says “all you need is love” in Hungarian (my motto + ethnicity) for over 5 years but I do not speak the language and my mother will not translate it for me. She refuses to “aid in the marring of her daughters body”. She told my grandmother not to help and the rest of my Hungarian speaking relatives are dead or in Europe; and translating out of a dictionary is grammatically incorrect at the very least.

    Could anybody translate that for me or at least give me an idea of somebody or something that could?
  2. Beatbird

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    there are lots of ways to say that in Hungarian:D
    "all you need is love" is:
    csak szeretetre van szükség/ csak szeretet kell.

    p.s. the first one is better.
    p.p.s. in Hungarian we have two words for love, szeretet which is love in general, towards anybody or anything; and szerelem which is only romantic love. So i wrote the first because I guess that's what you mean, but in case you wanted the other meaning, here it is: csak szerelemre van szükség/ csak szerelem kell.

    good luck;)
  3. ObjetdArte

    ObjetdArte Member

    i understand your dilemma. i am 1/4 puerto rican on my mother's side. she speaks fluent spanish however because she hates her family she refuses to speak to me in spanish. my sister and i got a tattoo a couple of years ago honouring our heritage. i learned spanish so i could understand since it is a part of me. when we asked her if she would help us she refused not just because of her family but the tattoo thing as well. needless to say my sister and i each got "hermana" on our left forearms. it means sister in spanish. i want to get a tattoo that says something in finish to honour my husband who is 1/2 finish. i do have "all you need is love" under a yellow submarine on my lower back. i wish you luck with your tattoo and please post pics once you have gotten it done. :grouphug:

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