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    Endless nature camps for eternity taught me this:
    In the peace of nature they write of, there are cities of millions
    Just because they aren’t visible to us, the handicapped
    Doesn’t mean they don’t exist

    I wander through the scrub with a good friend
    The prickly dry grass brushes against my bare toes
    A cool breeze nips my ears and makes them sore
    She lifts her head into it and her nostrils twitch

    Anorexic dark red stems match my favorite corduroys
    Tiny dark green leaves end the branches like emerald rings on a lady’s fingers
    They’re oddly artistic and remind me of Asian art and Tim Burton films
    They’re only a few months old, but already taller than I

    A turtle peeks its black head out of the water
    Reflecting the gun metal sky
    A brown duck, plain, but feminine
    Skims the water and settles in the cool

    Little children with dainty white petals and yellow faces smile at me in clusters
    Around the broken brown beer bottles
    In cracks in the sidewalk
    Around the sign: “Coming Soon! Luxury Townhomes”

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