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    ok i'm just trying to find out what the difference is between these things I understand that a person could have both sexes. is it possible to have a vagina and penis at the same time or is it a variation of both sexes? are you more man then woman and vice versa?

    the other big question that I have for guys who decided to change sexes is what made you want to change I find it fascinating and support the change of sexes i'm just wondering why. whats the reasoning behind the sex change.

    I don't mean to offend anybody here i'm just asking questions and I know they are personal in nature. I want you to know I don't look down on transgendered people im just curious about your emotions and feelings and thoughts about it all.

    thank you for answering
  2. deleted

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    hermaphrodites/ rare but real...

    depends on the person. some want to be more male, some more female. some a blend of both..

    crossdresser: someone that dresses for fetish, sex, self pleasure, often hetrosexual but sometimes gay: not interested in sex change.

    transvestite: male that wears womens clothing more often than the crossdresser, more often in public. probably wants a sex change. probably more gay than hetro.

    transsexual pre op : someone that lives as the sex of their choice, if they was born male they wish to be female..

    transsexual post op. someone that has had a sex change.

    Id try to give more detailed but Im kinda buzy. but thats the jist of it..
  3. Transgender is a much broader of a term than transexual. Some people use them interchangeably, though.

    Some terms may be offensive to some people, so always ask what they're okay with before using them (namely transexual, transvestite, and especially tranny, which has negative connotations).

    Transexual is generally used by people moving from one binary gender to the other (but may be used by people not binary) and usually means they either have had or wish to have gender reassignment surgery. MTF (male to female) and FTM (female to male) are other labels associated with being a transexual.

    Transgender is more of an umbrella term. It can and does include anything from what I just said transexual is, to cross dressing, to genderfuck to genderfluid, genderqueer, drag queens, drag kings, etc, etc, etc.

    Both of these words can be shortened to "trans" but if you see an asterisk (*) after it, it is most likely talking about transgender as an umbrella term.

    I didn't decide to change sexes, and neither do most people who are trans. Usually people have known for a long time that they've been living in the wrong body. What they do decide to do is to do something about it and fix the problem. To make themselves more comfortable in their body. Gender dysphoria is really crappy and sometimes the only way to make it go away (and for some people it will never go away) is to have surgeries and take hormones. Every step in transition is a step closer to feeling more at home in your body.

    Also one's gender identity (male/female/neutral/genderqueer/etc) has nothing to do with their sexuality (gay/straight/pan/asexual/bi/etc).

    Here is a great video to watch if you need a simple explanation of gender identity and sexuality and everything else that may be confusing...
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    I think its more fun to be transgender and dress as the opposite sex. People dont know that once they cross over and become
    transsexual the urge they had dressing up isnt there no more, they are now the opposite and no longer have that drive that makes
    guys want to dress up.
    Anyways I like being trans.
  5. drumminmama

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    CD isn't transgender/body dysmorphia.
    "dressing as the opposite gender" is different than living as the opposite gender.

    I do recognize some people see transgender as an unmbrella term, but I see it as a specific set of conditions met. (Being in the "wrong" body, feeling you are the other gender, working to live as your authentic gender)
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    As I've said in another thread, labels are a minefield. These are my definitions but only mine and I know that many of you will disagree ....

    Transgendered -- a blanket term for all who dress, full or part time, in clothes of the opposite gender.

    TV, tranny, CD -- All the same in my view, Someone who loves to dress in the clothes of the opposite gender but don't see themselves as "women". Some find the term Tranny to be offensive. Transvestite has sexual/racy overtones. Crossdresser is more respectable :)

    Transexual -- Anybody who lives in the opposite gender role full time. They don't have to have the operation. It is not neccessary to lose an interest in being well dressed :)

    So I guess that I'd call myself transexual even though I still have my male genitals. I do live as a woman full time. But when my friends ask what I am I say that I am just me. Don't label me.

    Why do I do it? I just have to. There is really no alternative for me.

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  7. jpdonleavy

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    No matter what people say they want to be called today, rest assured it'll be different tomorrow
  8. jpdonleavy

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    Transvestite/transvestism is professional. Cross dresser is amateur
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  9. springsound

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    Very interesting. Just never thought of it that way before.
  10. nudistguyny

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    That term is now considered insulting The correct word is intersex The human sexual spectrum is not just black and white but a lot of gray in between the two ends. A person can have both male and female parts to different degrees.
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    you can rewrite the dictionary all you want but what are you going to do rewrite 10,000 pornography videos from the last century get over that shit...
  12. KathyL

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    Relax, no one is going to make you relabel your porn collection.
  13. deleted

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    I dont collect anything by lingerie. porn will be around forever..

    Fyi.. a Cannabis plant that has both sexes is a hermaphrodite.. There is nothing wrong with this word.. in fact. If I had a overly enlarged clit. Id call myself Hermie..
  14. deleted

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    cums to thinks of it. my cock is an oversized clit.. I shall call myself Hermie for a week..
    let me do me..
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    this thread is older than my panties stains......
  16. I will never watch a Harry Potter movie the same way again
  17. tumbling.dice

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    Why would anyone want to put a label on themselves? Trans-this, gender-that...just be yourself. I'm gender-Dice and that is all.

    Also, a dude can put on a dress, wear makeup, paint his nails, piss in the girls room...but he is still a dude. Sorry.
  18. Irminsul

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  19. deleted

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    chicks with dicks...
  20. Varmint

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    Well, that right there just ain't right....'cuz I don't even have a clit and my former wife still called me "Herm".

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