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Discussion in 'Transexual and Transgender' started by KathyL, May 7, 2018.

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    I see a lot of discussion on this forum posted by cisgender fetishists with little knowledge of transgender issues. That is unfortunate, because it makes the place unfriendly to actual transgender people.

    To combat the high degree of ignorance of trans issues, here are some of the basics.

    1. Transgender people are born this way. It is not a choice. It is not a lifestyle. Don't call it a choice or a lifestyle.

    2. The brain has gender, just like the genitals do. While most people have brain gender and genital sex that match, transgender people have a brain and genitals that do not match.

    3. The brain differences that determine gender are structural. It is not that they 'think' or 'imagine' that they are their gender; in fact, the structure of their brain doesn't permit them to think anything else.

    4. Being transgender is not a mental illness. It is just part of the variety of being a human being, no different than having blue eyes.

    5. You can't become transgender if you weren't born that way. And if you were born that way, you can't ever stop being transgender.

    6. At birth, if the doctor sees a penis, they say "boy"; if they don't, they say "girl". Sometimes they are wrong. Who you "really" are is determined by your brain, not by the presence or absence of a penis.

    7. Some transgender people figure out their true gender at a very young age. Most transgender folks envy them. MOST transgender people figure it out as adults, after struggling unsuccessfully to be the gender their parents told them to be.

    8. Just like some cisgender people are gay and some are straight, some transgender people are gay and some are straight. Being transgender has NOTHING to do with sex. Nobody goes through the agony of transitioning just so they can boink a man: there are easier ways to do that.

    9. You can't always tell if a person is transgender. Some people "pass" so well that even medical professionals can't tell the difference. There is no reason why you need to know unless you are trying to conceive a child.

    10. Most transgender people are not looking to lay you. Most just want to get on with their lives with the least hassle possible.

    11. Vocabulary:

    Transgender - someone whose gender does not match the sex they were assigned at birth. They may or may not transition their outward presentation. They may or may not alter their body.

    Grammatically, the word 'transgender' is only an adjective. You don't say that someone is 'a transgender'; you say that they are 'a transgender person'. You don't add '-ed' to make the word an adjective, because it already is one. A person is not 'transgendered'; they are 'transgender'.

    Transsexual - a transgender person who alters their body (by hormones or surgery) to make their body's primary or secondary sexual characteristics match their experienced gender.

    Cross-dresser - someone who dresses to present an appearance that does not match the sex they were assigned at birth. Most cross-dressers are transgender, whether they are full-time or part-time cross-dressers. They may or may not choose to alter their body (i.e. become transsexual).

    Transvestite - an obsolete and insulting term. While is seems similar to cross-dresser, it implies a sexual fetish that has nothing to do with being transgender.

    Trans woman - someone who was assigned male at birth, but whose gender is female.

    Trans man - someone who was assigned female at birth, but whose gender is male.

    Intersex - someone whose genitals were ambiguous at birth. Their sex assigned at birth tends to be arbitrary and is often wrong. This was one of the first scientific indications that gender is in the brain, not the genitals.

    Drag queen/king - a performer whose performance specialty is an exaggerated impersonation of the oposite gender. They are usually not transgender.

    Transition - the process of changing one's presentation to live presenting as one's true gender. Transition can be as simple as cross-dressing, or it can involve hormone therapy and/or surgery. It is typically a long process, painful both physically and emotionally, not to mention financially. Many transgender people choose to transition; many do not, for various reasons.

    Biologically male/female - an inaccurate term used by transphobes. A trans woman is not 'biologically male'; she is biologically transgender female. A trans man is not 'biologically female'; he is biologically transgender male. The brain is just as biological as the genitals!
  2. 1. The brain does not have gender. It is for the most part a back propagating neural net, a cerebrum and cerebelum sitting on top of a brain stem. That is, neural pathways are formed from childhood as we get older based on the requirements of our bodies and all inputs from our environment. Saying the brain has gender is like saying a preference for pink over blue can only mean female

    2. Nobody has a complex enough brain structure at 3 years old to remember anything before that. No one remembers the way they were born

    3. Sex assignment in mammals is a chemical process, not a genetic or biological one. Our gentials are the same things, they just grow differently once testosterone and the AMH hormone drop.

    4. All mental illnesses are diagnozed by a set of guidelines, there is yet to be a single mental illness that has been proven to be a result of a set of biological (dis) functions
  3. Orison

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    You cant change your gender by changing your underwear /Change my mind.
  4. KathyL

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    Possibly true, but irrelevant.

    Sex assignment of the gonads is a genetic process. All subsequent sexual dimorphism is produced by hormones produced by the differentiated gonads. This is a biological process. And since there are numerous sexual dimorphisms in various parts of the human body, why would the brain not be one of them?

    We are not talking about a mental illness.
  5. You said "to combat the high degree of ignorance of trans issues"

    The brain has gender, where, what part? Male , female brains look different for the most part but not always under an MRI, is that solely because of gender, or because for the most part they have smaller bodies to control or respond differently to different stimuli via body chemistry. Or is the question too hard, Do you have anything other than the brain has gender because you really believe so?

    It has yet to be proven the SRY gene determines sex

    Point 4, you said trans is not a mental illness, so we are talking about mental illness, if no mental illness actually exists, how could trans be a mental illness anyway

    I will give you a hypothetical; If you grew up in a world where nobody wore clothes ever, how would you then know dresses are supposed to be for girls, pants for boys? If you grew up in a world where everybody was schizophrenic, you wouldnt have a word for schizophrenia because that would just be normal

    The funny thing about all this understanding, equality, tolerance etc is that it has now given us a generation of millenials many of whom are now gender neutral, you are a boy or trans, want to wear a dress and be a welder or ballerina who gives a shit
  6. Noserider

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    I still don't understand why we're so hung up on how other people live their lives.

    I don't care if one is transgender, cisgender, gay, bi, straight, fat, skinny, short, tall, black, white, male, female, etc.

    You're either a decent human being or you're not.
  7. Aerianne

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    The thread was targeting cisgender fetishists.
  8. KathyL

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    It is really targeting bullshit, whether it is fetishist or not.

    For example, on threads in this forum, I have seen people saying that they can tell if a woman is cis or trans by the size of their boobs. According to that post, small boobs mean the woman is cisgender (good news for me, I guess!). Or that to be "real", transgender people need to come out when they are children.

    If the only voices heard are talking bullshit, people will assume it is true.
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    Well presented...
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    @KathyL don't you ever get the sense that some trans folks aren't being totally straight with you (haha) about their status as trans? I feel like there has to be some accountability to some extent.

    Another way of saying that is, I guess it seems to me that a person could manifest trans-like conditions without actually having a brain-one-way-genitals-the-other situation themselves. They could be saying that for attention and willing to act out being trans for attention too, despite the obvious problem of ridicule from some.

    that's my though. I don't know... But I'm not offended by attention seeking behavior; I just identify it as such. But I don't think that's the case with all trans people. :)

    For this thread: this song reminds me of trans people...

    It's such a cool song! :) I have heard a shorter version of it on Dj Dan's "Funk the System" album, but can't find the short version to share. I'm sorry for that because 12 minutes is an unreasonable amount of time to expect anyone to pay attention.

    I don't know if the song is actually even about trans people, but at one point it says "some of us are your daughters and your sons" which I think is meaning some of us in the disco underground that it talks about in the song are both genders or sexes. Anywho… :)
  11. Transgender is an operation you need to have called gender alignment.
    A couple of people in here have had that done and know what i'm on about.
  12. Orison

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  13. Orison

    Orison my dog is full of stars Lifetime Supporter

    You helping me out with transgenderism, is like telling me how to make ice cubes.
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    While it could happen, I doubt if it happens very much. Someone could be play-acting as transgender just to get attention, but, given the abuse that is so common, the game would get pretty old pretty fast. Anyone who sticks with it for more than a year or so is probably the real thing.

    For some flavours of transgenderism that do not involve physical transition, unverified self-identification is possible.

    For transsexuals (transgender people who modify their body medically to be in line with their gender identity), their identification needs to be verified. Yes, it is possible to get treatment under "informed consent" in some places, but that means self-financing the process, so it is not common. No insurance system is going to underwrite the cost without serious professional verification. I have had to get my condition verified by two psychologists, a psychiatrist, and a medical doctor in order to get treatment. And they make you live the part for a year before you can even apply. That verification process would weed out anyone who was pretending to be trans just for kicks.

    I have met many transgender people, in all walks of life, and not one of them struck me as not being genuine.
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    There's a homeless guy around here wearing dresses. I've seen him twice now. I feel for him. I was thinking "I could go ask that person about their pronouns" but thought better of it. But I suppose simply cross dressing doesn't make someone transgender.
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    No, you are wrong about that. There are many transgender people who, for various reasons, choose not to transition at all. Many more transition socially, but not medically. Many transition hormonally, but not surgically.
  17. KathyL

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    Yes, cross dressers are not necessarily transgender, though they may be. If you have a reason to interact with the person, it is never wrong to ask their pronouns. It shows some respect.
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    lets do the time warp again..
    just a jump to the left...
  19. Irminsul

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    Most of the crossdressers I know are just dudes that like to express their sexuality as female but outside of dress they're just dudes still. I think that's pretty cool and I've grow to actually like the kink and I love the term "masculinity in lace" even though primarily I'm attracted to more femme types of crossdressers. :)

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