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Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by thismoment, May 8, 2013.

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    I posted part of this in another thread, then thought it needed a little more.

    This is the time of transformational gatherings. Beautiful things are happening all over the place! The vibe is growing. Opening our Hearts, Becoming the Transformation.

    I can hardly believe I'm here, in these times!

    Here is a good listing of larger gatherings. I like smaller local and regional events, but the bigger ones are beautiful too.

    Here is something an artist I’ve spent time with at some recent events is doing: (a transformational book, painted at the dancefloor)

    These are amazing times.
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  3. thismoment

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    Cool. Did you go?

    I'd checked in on this thread to post this:

    There are 2 episodes posted now. I was telling my wife that these are idealized or romanticized views of transformational gatherings, then realized that by the 3rd one I went to, I was participating to a pretty good extent - just like they're talking about in the vid (especially in the 2nd episode).
  4. MeatyMushroom

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    Nah not yet :D going for sure next year, no doubt about it.

    I've favourited that, watched the first 5 minutes, but it's peak time for internet so shit's going slooooow.

    Edit: Watched em, very very cool.. there's not much to say about it, think it kinda speaks for itself. They probably romanticise it to encourage it, aim at your target you'll probably fall short, aim higher you'll probably hit it. Not that there's a solid target obviously, but same kinda principle. Love it though, top fricken music too.

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