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Discussion in 'Transexual and Transgender' started by inanity6, Apr 2, 2007.

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    I have a mtf transexual friend who recently turned 27 and has not undergone any sort of surgery, and struggles working part time to buy hormones, which, even that she hasn't even been able to afford the past few months, working full time at near minimum wage to make rent

    She seems to worry all the time about ways to make money. Even hanging out with friends, she will sit and worry like she's in a room alone, she thinks about it all day and feels so desperate about it. and it is rather heartbreaking to watch. like, it really hurts to watch. I don't really pity her in front of her, because I feel this will actually make it worse for her, and I think she should understand that everybody has some sort of different major problem/s in their life, sometimes worse than hers, but behind her back I wish so badly there was something I could do.....

    what I'm asking is,
    how can money be made? has anyone received any sort of funding or, anything at all? or any ideas at all to make the 15-40k (or so) needed to make this happen?
    if i was rich and didn't work minimum wage myself....

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