Tramadol = Not half bad... At all

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by DaNigaWon, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. DaNigaWon

    DaNigaWon Guest

    today SWIM acquired 500mg tramadol. The ones with 50mg tram and the rest filler, no apap bullshit. Last week SWIM tested 150mg just to play safe. SWIM then took 500mg over a couple hours the next day. Snorting trams DO make the buzz kick quicker but make sure you swallow all that drip so it can be recycled. And take only 1/4 the intended dose via snorting. Just to get things rolling as oral works for many hours well worth the wait. Them trams was working so well SWIM was nodding 4 hours before he woke up in a puddle of drool on the bed.

    This time SWIM took 500 all at once, snorting 100 (50 probably turned oral). On top of that SWIM took 30mg dxm just fo shiz and gigglez. two hours in when he began to feel it he smoked two hits of some dro. 1 hour later its rolling. Hes starting to nod. He intends to enjoy this buzz for a few more hours before sleeping.

    EDIT: SWIM woke up the next day at 1:30pm. now being 2:30 and hes still itching and feeling real fuzzy. The duration of this stuff seems insane!

    ANyway them trams ain that bad at all. They seem more euphoric than oxy but give you a nice clear nod like a low fent dose. And last for a LONG time. There is a lot of debate on if its a true opioid or not. SWIM believe it a dialogue of codeine and does for a fact trigger certain opioid receptors.
  2. Lodog

    Lodog ¿

    They're great for my back pain, but be warned.

    If you overuse them you can have a grand maul like nothing. 5 years ago it happened to me. They weren't controlled yet and my friend kept bringing them home from the pharmacy. I think I took like 15 in one day and woke up in the hospital. I couldn't eat solid food for three days because I bit my tongue so bad.

    Be careful.
  3. absentwithin

    absentwithin Member

  4. DaNigaWon

    DaNigaWon Guest

    Actually after a lot of reading there's a lot of controversy on if its an opioid or not. It is a dialogue of codeine. All SWIM know is the effects feel exactly like an opiate to him. Mental like a hydro and physically like fentanyl or oxy.

    4:30am and SWIM is still nodding away apparently. But now the itches are going. But SWIM always liked the itches, they feel so good to itch!
  5. Shambala

    Shambala Guest

    I've taken Tramadol for chronic back pain and can't say it did anything at all for me. Maybe I should have taken more. The dr. told me it was an opioid that "targets the pain like an opiate but doesn't give the high like an opiate". Whatever.
  6. happydude_60

    happydude_60 Senior Member

    I don't get much pain relief from it. My pain level is too high for that. But I got a script for Tramadol to supplement my Hydrocodone, which just won't last a whole month. After taking Hydro's for 10 years I get wd's when they run out. I was having to buy from other people to ensure that I had enough, but that can run up to $40 or more per day, and I got tired of laying out that kind of money every month. So I told my Doc that my tolerance had grown and my script wasn't lasting the whole month. It was a gamble, because he could have easily decided it was time to wean me off Hydrocodone. I was hoping for a bigger Hydro script, but I'm pushing it on the aceto the way it is. So he supplemented me with 120 Trams per month. I was skeptical, but I'd also heard that the Tramadol metabolite binds with opiate receptors too, just not as strongly. So I tried it, and damned if it didn't work. 50mg every 4 hours, and not even a hint of withdrawal symptoms. I haven't really noticed a high from it, at least not the type Hydrocodone provides. I've experimented with different doses, even crushing them up, and all I've gotten at higher doses is a spaced-out feeling accompanied by a headache that aspirin won't touch. So I stay at around 300-400mg per day at the most.
  7. charliecat

    charliecat Member

    Hey H 60 I was prescribed tramadol about 4 yrs. ago and they didn,t really help much for pain and when I took more then I was suppose too I got all spaced out feeling and a terrible headache. I get monthly script of Hydrocodone and run out towards end of month. I,ll have wds also. I,m suppose to take 10mg/4 times a day. Sometimes its not enough depending what I been doing that day in work so I,ll get some of my gf stuff. She takes roxys. Anyways, I,m gonna try the tramadol when I run out to see if it will take the edge off. I got about half a prescription bottle left of them but there 4 years old. They been stored in my kitchen cabinet. Anyone know the life span on these things? Like I said, they don,t work for pain with me but if they,ll help for wds that would be good.
  8. happydude_60

    happydude_60 Senior Member

    It sounds like we're sort of in the same boat. I was spending upwards of $400 each and every month on whatever I could get. Hydro's, Oxy's, Morphine, Tylenol w/ Codeine, even Methadone. When I couldn't find it or afford it I would take 3000-4000mg per day of Gabapentin, which I'm also prescribed. It won't stop the wd process, but it covers up the symptoms. But it will seriously space you out to the point where you just want to lay on the sofa all day and watch tv shows that you can't comprehend. Anyway, if your Tramadol was stored inside at room temperature it's probably still good. And yes it will prevent wd's. I'm on my 9th day of it. My Hydrocodone refill day is tomorrow, and I'm not even hyped about it like I used to be. Try 50mg of Tramadol about every 4 hours and you should be comfortable. But you can experiment with different doses to find what dose is right for you. Just try not to go over 400mg per day. The headaches can be bad and it's possible to have seizures at really high doses.

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