Tourist Season?

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by F Z, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. F Z

    F Z Member

    Is there really a tourist season in Dam?

    If so then is it?
  2. every weekend

    Later Man


    That's quite true, actually.
  4. F Z

    F Z Member

    I'm talkin all week long.......Week days during our (USA) winter is off season right?
  5. velvet

    velvet Banned

    I'm sorry.. we're never allowed to shoot on tourists..

    I'm sorry.. that was lame.. hehehe
  6. I was being sarcastic
    Amsterdam is the tourist capital of the world
    I'ts always packed with tourist just more from england on the week ends.........luckie asses

    Later man
  7. jennifericous

    jennifericous Member

    ya im in ireland and am going for the weekend next week. it'll be my gazillionth visit to the dam. i lived there for a month last summer. there is a tourist season i would say. the second week in august is definatley the busiest of the summer. i was blown away you couldn't walk down the red light because it was so packed. and there was not a single available bed in the city, last 2 weeks in august are probably the worst time to go, because its a bit quiet and the weather tends to be ugly!
  8. jennifericous

    jennifericous Member

    i think its important to add that the second week in august is the weekend of dance valley and the gay pride parade, probably the two biggest festivals in holland!both very enjoyable. dance valley is a little commercial, but still has a somewhat free love vibe!prolly all the pot and x flying around
  9. well I was there the 3 week in augest last year and it was the best trip so far
    not too crouded and sunny and warm all week
    guess I lucked out on the weather
    Loved sitting outside Amnesia and the old church smoken

    Now my wife says I can't go back till the end of sept.

    Later Man

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