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    I am prospectively going to become an independant food vendor on tour this year, it is likely to be specifically with widespread panic...

    I am a professional cook and a damn good one, so I know how to make money at shows. I have most of an itinerary and food cost balance sheet completed. It appears that one more person would be ideal for the volume of food i want to serve. The profit would be 50/50 and worth the while of both of us.

    Preferably the applicant would have lots of cooking and touring experience....They would not get distracted by shows, drugs, other personalities or the many beautiful and wonderful things that happen on tour. this is a fundraiser first, and a fun time secondly....

    A female would also be ideal, just because i am of an ayurvedic nature and believe in balance. I am a male, and am not seeking any relationships, besides the business and friend variety.

    Beautiful world
    the rain made the plants grow
    the wind changed the rain to snow
    and i dont know
    or else id change the snow to rain

    get back to me for more info or to chat, it may be a few days because i run around a lot

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