Torture to uncover brain secrets

Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by Amanda N, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. Amanda N

    Amanda N Member

  2. Bhaskar

    Bhaskar Members

    true faith negates pain.
  3. Amanda N

    Amanda N Member

    Tell me, what is "True Faith"?
  4. Love_N_it

    Love_N_it Banned

    "We want to find out what the brain is doing, how it is working when we are having feelings and most importantly of all when we are conscious.


    "I am not promising we are going to solve the problem, I don't think we are. "

    At least the people involved in cloning were confident that their science was accomplishing something.
  5. Amanda N

    Amanda N Member

    Knowledge is power. It might not solve anything, but it's better to know something, than not to... even if all you know is that you don't know something.
  6. northernlehigh97

    northernlehigh97 Senior Member

    This is all wrong. I wonder if Hitler gave them this idea. What's next? Shooting a bullet at someone to see if there faith can stop it. Ther is no need to test God or someone's faith. I know God eases my pain. I don't need a test. This is just my opinion.
  7. Amanda N

    Amanda N Member

    This isn't testing god.. it's testing someon's faith... faith = "Confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing." AND " Belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence."... who says it's got anything to do with god... faith is self centered...

    Some people have faith in god, and his/her ability... I personally have faith in myself, others might have faith in money, etc...

    And this is a totally volinteer based experement... it's not like they are kidnapping people to torture them, and no real damage is going to be done.... so it sounds like a worthy experement, as it might help to expain how the human mind works (and how some people can have such illogical and irrational beliefs).
  8. Kharakov

    Kharakov ShadowSpawn

    Torture to uncover brain secrets.
    Anyone read Julian May's series set in the Pliocene Epoch? :)
  9. BlackBillBlake

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    In medieval England, people were tried by ordeal. The person accused of a crime had to pick up an iron, heated to red-heat in the fire. The hand was then bandaged, and later examined - it was believed that any blistering or burns were a sign of guilt. God would somehow prevent any burning to the hand of an innocent man.
    This seems similarly stupid and futile to me. If not so extreme!
  10. Amanda N

    Amanda N Member

    Ooooohhhhhh yes, like the witch trials, dump a woman in the river... if she sunk, then she was human (but most times, she would die from drowning).. if she floated, this was evidence that she used her witchy powers to save herself, and so she was carted off to be burnt at the stake.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  11. Bhaskar

    Bhaskar Members

    First off I didnt read the article that you linked to. Ill say it again.

    True faith negates pain.

    How do yogis sleep on nails, survive for months, often years without food? Faith in yourself, faith that all that happens happens for your best. Faith in the teaching of the great saints, the masters over the ages who repeatedly stress that we are beyond the body.

    If someone were to subject another to torture to test their faith, that is definitely wrong. It is always wrong to test another. What do you stand to gain? Test yourself first and always, know your own weaknesses and strengths and try and build and improve and grow out of that.
  12. Kharakov

    Kharakov ShadowSpawn

    Why do witches float?

    Because the're made of wood?...


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