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Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by Maria420, May 9, 2004.

  1. Maria420

    Maria420 Member

    I'm really trying hard to understand why women can't go topless. Is there any clearer unequality then that? What would an authority give for a reason? I just can't think of anything, they're fucking boobs for pete sake, I just have more fat on my chest, but I do know girls who are flat and some guys with manboobs so what the hell! If guys can't handle seeing boobs then they should stay inside or cover their eyes not our breasts. I'm sick of these males running everything... if anyone knows of any petitions to sign let me know, or if I find one and you're interested in signing it let me know and I will send it to you when I do find one.
  2. We_All_Shine_On

    We_All_Shine_On Senior Member

    they can here.....
  3. Jahappleweed

    Jahappleweed Member

    Do you think it should be ok for us males to walk around with our penis' hanging out? Maybe the reason so many men are perverted is because of all the women running around with their tits hangin out. Maybe I should design a pair of pants that show off a mans "butt-cleavage". That would surely make the world a better place.
    I hope that one day men and women will be treated as equals but, WE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. Men and women were made differantly so that they could compliment each other. Ones weakness is the others strength and visa versa. I may have some old world views about the roles of men and women but dont lump me in with the taliban just yet. I think men should go to work at a physically demanding occupation and women should go to school,raise our children and run the world. Well.sorry to cut this short but the library is about to close and I must go.
    Johnny Appleweed
  4. We_All_Shine_On

    We_All_Shine_On Senior Member

    Actually I sort of agree with johnny appleweed. but not. like yes, breasts are a sexual thing... so not for everyone's eyes. BUT nudity is so incredible natural. humanity is nude, you're born naked.
  5. Graham

    Graham Member

    its acctualy normaly women that complain to the authoritys the most (80% ish of the time) when they see people topless, thats what my uncle told me and he works at the police.
  6. Maria420

    Maria420 Member

    Ok johnny, who the hell is talking about penis and vaginas? We're talking about breasts, you have them I have them, next time you want to debate something how bout try sticking to the topic you ignorant freak

    and Umm to that girl, the reason breasts are viewed so sexually is bc of the way society presents them, in many other cultures they are sexual but people can keep their imaginations under control, a simple flutter of the eyes or long legs is sexual too, should we stopping showing these? I think you have been brainwashed by men.
  7. Incubus

    Incubus Banned

    Maria, quit flaming people voicing their thoughts just because you dont agree doesnt mean you attack who they are... Which makes me wonder if your even respectful enough to handle an answer that is controdicting your opinion...

    My thoughts are that society has made breasts a "private part" because they are not just an arm or a leg, true men have a chest, but a cup size is only on WOMEN, instinct dating back to the stone age has made men see breasts as a way to identify a healthy or unhealthy mate, society has only built these intangible rules of clothing a womens chest to prevent sexual distraction that cannot be avoided. comparison is another issue, beauty is always going to be acknowledged but in muslim cultures even that is unknown because of the clothing, some women have small breasts and some have large, why should they feel inadequate because the men stare only at the women with large breasts and why should men have to be distracted at work, church, restraunts...etc... your arguement is IMO frivolous
  8. WayfaringStranger

    WayfaringStranger Corporate Slave #34

    i dont mind topless women, but then again i dont run the world. never have. so where does that leave us?
  9. Maria420

    Maria420 Member

    Well I agree with the proudtodeviate person

    As for incubus, did you see how Johnny appleweed approached the issue? his title was ARE YOU KIDDING ME or something like that. he also said

    "Maybe the reason so many men are perverted is because of all the women running around with their tits hangin out"

    Not only did he use the word "tits" but that comment is just absurd. Do you see women becoming all perverted from viewing the male breasts? C'mon, instead of blaming women and are bodies, get to the source, are bodies should be respected not criminals.
    Yes there is a difference between trashy and nudity.
    If my second paragraph sounded rude to We_All_Shine_On who replied it was not meant to, and you're just taking it out of content, after all you can't understand emotions from a computer screen.

    And Graham said that 80% of women are the main complainers but that doesn't mean much because many women seem not to know what they want... going back to being brainwashed by WASPMs. And these women may also be jealous. Like proudtodeviate said, they will protest but then they will get over it... how long ago was it that women couldnt show their ankels? or wear tank tops?
  10. Incubus

    Incubus Banned

    You arent the victim, you want to stir up an issue? try tackeling something with legitamacy. no matter the sex you cannot walk into any store without a shirt, you also cannot walk into any government building. its the law, its non-sexual. as for a beach or a swimming pool. lets face it most women value their breasts and dont want men to see them, most women dont want to show their breasts off all over the place. get over your own vendeta against men, stir up an issue with some class. and BREASTS ARE NOT OKAY IN PUBLIC.
  11. Maria420

    Maria420 Member

    Again, Incubus if you plan on debating make a decent statement. I never said they had to into a public office. Wherever guys can go topless, women should go topless. Yes, women are victims, you should check out some of Jean Kilbourne films and writings or look at clips of her movies at

    to see just how victimized women are from a male run society. Most women DO NOT value their breasts and that is why there is an issue. I DO value my breasts and that is why I feel they should not be treated as dirty and I should expose them because they are just as good as the males, if not better. The only reason I'm bothering even arguing with you is because I am positive other people agree with you but hopefully these response I provide will tackle some of their ignorance
  12. Megara

    Megara Banned

    personally, i feel that you are misguided on a few points.

    Men's breasts are not "acceptable" in society because they are "better" than womens. It's because there is a sexual stigma that is attached to breasts..the same reason that the penis and vagina are not considered acceptable in public. You can say so are lips, legs, thighs, etc are sexual..but they arent in the same way. So dont try and say they are.

    Personally, i think not even men should be allowed to go topless in all the places they do. I dont want nasty men or women going into 7/11's and buying stuff..sorry, but i dont want to buy crap with everybody elses nasty germs on them.

    If you want to expose your breasts, go to a nudist colony or a topless beach.
  13. 4_Leaf_Clover

    4_Leaf_Clover I Love

    i think we can all agree that nudity is perfectly natural.
    yes of course we are all born naked, and out of our respective shames,
    or societies' rules, we put on clothes when they are not necessary for survival.

    i think that toplessness should be acceptable equally for both sexes.
    any place where it's acceptable for men to be topless,
    then it should be ok for women.

    i don't think it would work out if we all just strutted around nude everywhere.
    clothes are a good idea in some situations.

    but at the beach and similar places, let everyone go topless ;)

  14. SexyDreads

    SexyDreads Member

    I think the point that Johnny was trying to make is that a penis is a sexual body part, as are breasts. Men walk around with their shirts off all the time, so there really wouldnt be any great debate over topless men. So I think he was just comparing breasts to the next taboo body part....and uh....DUH.

    And my point is, boobs are beautiful. I love them. I love mine! I love yours! Im in love with the human body. I go topless/nude whenever/where ever I can. It feels free and natural. But I understand why we cant just walk around naked all the time. Its a bummer, but thats the way it is.
  15. Maria420

    Maria420 Member

    I think the point that Johnny was trying to make is that a penis is a sexual body part, as are breasts. Men walk around with their shirts off all the time, so there really wouldnt be any great debate over topless men. So I think he was just comparing breasts to the next taboo body part....and uh....DUH.

    you proved my own point... and disproved johnnys point.... so if women walked around with their shirts off all the time, there really wouldn't be any great debate over topless women.

    let's not compare apples and oranges

    but good imput... all i'm not saying nudity in this issue!
  16. Incubus

    Incubus Banned

    Maria, you got shut down, this feminist debate you attempted to stir was more like a fizzle. Society is not accepting mens breasts and not womens, they are keeping sexual things censored, there is no way around it, womens breasts are a sexual body part. Apples and Oranges? Penis's and breasts? Same category. Sexual, censored, not acceptable, put a rag on. Why cry about a rule that forces old grannys to keep their droopy old bags in a sling so when we're at the pool we dont have to feel nausious???At the same time this rule forces J-Lo to keep her tits in a bag, think how many hard-ons in speedos there would be at a pool.
  17. Megara

    Megara Banned

    actually...clothes are NEEDED in most parts of the world.....since we are not hairy anymore like monkeys, we need to keep our body temperature around 98.6 or we die...
  18. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    NO they are NOT! In a study of 900 societies, guess how many thought breasts were "sexual" or used them, as a main sexual organ in the sex act? Thirteen!!!!

    The idea that breasts are "sexual" are only a false construct of societies which do not value breastfeeding, sexualize womyn, and have a large number of sex crimes. It is NOT innate that breasts are sexual, in fact, it is unusual and abnormal. They are a mamary gland, that is all. They are NOT a sexual organ, they are there for feeding babies, in healthy societies they are no more attractive than an elbow, a knee or a finger.

    As for womyn going topless, shrug, it makes no difference to me. In most states in the US, if you have a baby attached to, or ready to fed from your breast, you CAN show your breast in public, as it should be.

    The argument that breasts hanging out causes "nasty germs" is ridiculous. Why are breasts more "dirty" or "germy" than, say hands? Or any other body part? Shows where YOUR mind is. Dirty dirty dirty dirty. The human body is NOT dirty, unless people with an unhealthy attitude towards bodies think it is.
  19. Megara

    Megara Banned

    yes, the human body IS full of germs...even if you cant see the dirt...take a look under a microscope..

    Btw, most places i know arent open to women walking around with their breasts hagning out and a baby feeding...yes breast feeding is allowed most everywhere..people expect it to be conservative though and use either the baby or a blanket/jacket to block the breast..and personally...i dont care to see a baby feeding while i am eating at a restaurant..its low class to go to a restaurant and see that....

    btw, please enlighten me..what 900 societies are these? i'd love to see that study
  20. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    The study was done by Ford and Beach, I beleive at Yale, in the late 1950s. Theydidn't list all 900 of the societies, but the THIRTEEN which considered breasts sexual all had1)High sex crimes stats, 2)Low breastfeeding rates, 3)High domestic abuse problems, as well as other social problems. You can find a complete explaination of it in good medical, sociological and lactation texts. Breastfeeding: Biocultural Perspectives by Patricia Stuart-Macadam and Katherine A. Dettwyler, PhD, IBCLC, RLC has a good overview of this study, as well as a biocultural perspective of the human breast in society.

    I will get you the complete legal stats on breastfeeding in public. And NO, being "discreet" is NOT part of the legality, and even in states where there is no specific "law" about BF in public, it is NOT illegal anywhere in the US.

    Dude, I am a Lactation Consultant and a huge breastfeeding advocate. I don't post things about breastfeeding that aren't true and substantial. Here is a link to the Breastfeeding in Public Data. "Discreet" doesn''t enter into it.

    Then don't look at it. Babies have a right to eat whenever they are hungry and where ever their mamas happen to be. How you "feel" about it doesn't enter into the equation. A baby's right to proper nourishment, DIRECTLY from the source is more important than some hang ups about breasts.

    And as for "dirty" how are breasts any dirtier than hands? You see them out in public all the time, hands ARE filthy! Should people cover them up?

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