Took a walk last night...

Discussion in 'Real Kinky' started by bi4ever, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. bi4ever

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    For those that are scared off by extreme kink, scat play, or whathaveyou, you've been warned.

    For the last couple of days I've been on a roll viewing transsexual pics online. My hard drive is filled with them. I don't ever go for the "glamor shots", they do nothing for me. What gets my rocks off is the kinky stuff. Certain poses, taking a large cock, a unique face that unconsciously says "fuck me hard". For me, it's a desire for kink unlike those who desire to view pics of BBW, BSDM or Preggos.

    Anyway, I was feeling very hot "down there". I'm a guy, and by down there I mean my ass. On certain days I feel kinky, other days I don't. I am married, and my wife is rather new to all this kink. Having said that, most of my personal play time is.....alone.

    Since my wife has not yet decided whether or not she wants to participate in kink beyond sterile fucking, and I've not been pushy in the matter, I decided I needed to take a walk. Of course, she has no idea WHY I took a walk, and I don't think it matters. It would probably just leave her laughing at me, feeling left out or that I'm just having a wierd moment.

    Off with the dogs I went. I should say that beforehand I stopped off at our backyard garden shed and grabbed one of those stainless steel nut/bolt drivers that you can fit with different sized nut drivers), and a wooden handle extension that I use for my paint rollers. With those in my backpocked and a roll of papertowels under my shirt (in case of a "mess", LOL) I was off and smiling. Down the road we went, and up the country lane that we like to walk.

    I intended to go to the end of the lane, where there is a house and an old streetlamp that stays lit. You see, I'm sort of an exhibitionist (like to jack off in view of others at the "bookstore" and get on all fours and show my juicy asshole to those horny slobs). It's been a fantasy of mine, for a long time, to have sex with myself under plain view of a streetlight. Seriously, I'd never want to be caught unless a long-dicked gay/bisexual man showed up (very unlikely to happen out in the country where I live, LOL). We never made it completely down that lane, because for the last week or so a skunk has taken up residence somewhere nearby, and our dogs would just love to chase that thing.

    I was on a mission, though. My cock needed pumping, and I wanted to fuck myself into submission once again. I need that constant reminder that I'm my own little butt whore. My cock is hard now just writing this. [​IMG] The "girls" and I turned off at a long driveway that we had passed. There's an old house back there, probably hasn't been lived in 50 years or more. What's that I spot behind the house?!? A streetlamp!

    So, off we go, my ass sweaty with desire for a fuck, and the hairs on my back crawling at noises going bump in the dark. At the house we arrived. I walked around cautiously, making sure that mexicans hadn't taken residence there. Last year we'd seen a van there and mexicans walking around. Maybe they were squatters, who knows?

    Once back there, I searched everywhere to make sure there weren't any folks living in tents, and that there wasn't any outside movement near a house that I could barely see in the distance (it had some lights on inside). I tied up our youngest dog to the fence, so she didn't go away and me running after her naked from the waist down.

    By now my cock was absolutely throbbing. I would have loved to meet a man at that moment. My ass was throbbing. There were chills going down my back with every dirty thought that crossed my mind.

    I took out the papertowels and tools I'd brought along and layed them on the ground. I took off my shoes (left my socks on for kinkiness), pants and underwear off. The youngest dog was staring at me with her tongue hanging to her toes. The younger dogs had layed down in the cool air, in the tall grass. The grass was brushing up against my butt. I was licking my chops, thinking of this dirty act I was playing a role in.

    With a couple of good spits my cock was well lubed. I stroked for awhile, just to get it pumping. Then, I got on all fours and spread my ass apart. I spit on my hand and rubbed it in real good into my ass, and got my asshole lubed up. God, if a cock would just have come out of nowhere and deep into my butt, I'd have been in heaven. As long as it wasn't the kind of cock with sharp claws. [​IMG] I took a finger and started working my asshole, going in deep, stirring it around. My ass juices seemed to flow like Niagra Falls.

    By now I needed the feel of steel up my butt. I got up, went over, grabbed the nut driver (is that what it's called?) and resumed position on all fours. I spit on the tool just to get it all wet and then slid it slowly into my ass. The cool steel felt SO GOOD. It sort of reminds me of someone else taking a well lubricated finger and doing some searching around in there. Any doctors out there? [​IMG] Now, all of you that love assplay and are ass whores, you know that whatever you're using at the moment just isn't enough. Is it? [​IMG]

    Next, I had the wooden handle to the paint roller in my hand. Admittedly, it was dark enough for me to not be able to see if there were any splinters on the wood, so I was a little leery. Without KY in my possession, and without any hair conditioner (conditioner works wonders!) my spit just wasn't going to make wood feel slippery smooth going up my butt. But, I was HUNGRY for a filling up! I worked the handle slowly, and assertively, up my ass. Now here is the nasty part I warned about. I noticed that there was a little butt dirt on the handle, but I DIDN'T CARE. I wanted that thing in my ass.

    Right about now, I was beginning to wonder what time it was. My wife knows how long it takes to take a walk on that lane, and we all know that sex can quickly pass time away. Since I needed to empty my balls and give my ass a good workout, I started stroking my cock and stirring the handle around in my ass. I even started pushing the handle out, which made things all the more kinky (obviously), and I didn't care if I shit a ton. In short time, with some self degradation and reminding myself what a great asswhore I was, I was spewing cum everywhere. With every pump of the woodend handle, more cum would drop on the ground.

    Out of breath, and dizzy, I cleaned up the mess, wiped myself clean, put my clothes back on, buried the papertowel under a dead tree, threw the tools away, untied the dog, and away we went back home......with a smile on my face. I look forward to my next walk.
  2. You could have always let the dog fuck you.. o_O
  3. Lady of the Freaks

    Lady of the Freaks Senior Member

    yeah, i was kinda surprised one of 'em didn't jump on. ;)
  4. bi4ever

    bi4ever Member

    They can't "fuck" me. They're all girls. Besides, I've not seen anything in this forum that supports the title name that it's "Real Kinky". You guys/gals need to move beyond 1/2" buttplugs, Hustler magazines and "got caught with my bra off...". :D
  5. DroopySnoopy

    DroopySnoopy The ORIGINAL Dr. Droop

    AMEN! lol!!
  6. happy_kel

    happy_kel thug life.

    sounds like a workout...
  7. Lady of the Freaks

    Lady of the Freaks Senior Member

  8. bi4ever

    bi4ever Member

    Are you saying you hate my writing? By the way, I tell the truth. No story is whole without the whole truth, in my opinion.

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