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Discussion in 'Coming Out and Confused!' started by Laura207, Apr 26, 2013.

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    I am stuck in a rut...... I have been attracted to women for years now and I always thought I could handle it but... I'm in my thirties now and it's getting too hard to ignore.... Problem is.... I'm married and have been for 13 years :( I work with a lesbian and I am really attracted to her...... I can't keep suppressing how I feel :( but I can't mess up my home life right now as my children would be deviated ... My husband would not be understanding at all so it would be all or nothing.... Really I just wanted to tell someone.... I've not told a sole all my life and it feels good to say it........ How can I stop this desire????
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    You probably cannot stop your desire. It is simply here. But you must call your shots one way or the other. Being in-between the two chairs is probably the worst possible scenario.

    I tend to believe that when it comes to your kind of constellation, men tend to be more forgiving. Woman's femininity is usually not impaired by her having a lesbian affair on the side, and since there is no real penetrative sex involved, men do not see this as cheating, in most cases that is...

    I used to be bisexual for some ten years. At times, I was more str8 than bisexual actually. I would hook up with men simply because this was easier. And I have always been an opportunist. A girl I was dating admitted that she was having an lesbian affair. I did not mind. A few of my str8 college friends expressed the same view, too. This is clearly a cultural trait. No penetration means no sex...or so the attitude goes.


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