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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by orange skies, Jan 25, 2005.

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    i keep having way too many dreams lately about anythin and everything i cant even remember half of them. does this mean my life is about to change or something?
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    orange skies,

    yes it means you are changing and also preparing for more changes, while you balance and scoop out of what you intuit and are teached in your dreamtime ... so how far do you want to reach out beyond the self set boundaries to tap into the greater reality and peace of soul that is yours, and morning dawn of your own becoming.

    Sometimes there is a fear of being taken by surprise, like when change comes without your agreement and kinda catches you napping. Yet it is more the fear of change that makes us worry, while change is natural much like breath ... and you are changing all the time anyway.

    So the dreams balance and nurture you, offering a vision of where you are going through and feel about your own self and seek healing, and feed and nurture you and the connections that you have choosen and are drawn to ... and just let you know that you are not limited. Maybe the imbalance is not so much in having too many dreams, but in your search and then again being distracted from what you feel is true and real deeper inside yourself.

    Just trust that things are exactly like you have wished them and come for. Be aware of what rings true deeper inside your self, and act on it in your days, and be open to the adventure of being who you are and the changes you create inside and around.

    Maybe you want to start a dream diary, too.

    Wishing you well

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