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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Eavesdrop, May 14, 2007.

  1. Eavesdrop

    Eavesdrop Member

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    Is there a point when its too early to marry?

    I mean obviously its going to come down to different people feel differently,

    but three couples my age or younger (23) i know are getting married this year... that freaks me.
  2. homeschoolmama

    homeschoolmama Senior Member

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    I was married at 19. I'm still happily married to the same guy at 31. Obviously it worked for me ;)

    But yeah, it depends on the person. I know someone who just got married at 30, and I think she's still too young.
  3. spooner

    spooner is done.

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    There have been a couple of my friends who've gotten married so far (all sub-21). Hasn't really been long enough to see if any of them work out.

    But, for shits and giggles, a paraphrase of the conversation i had with the bride to be over MSN.

    spooner: How long were you going out for before the wedding?
    bride: 2 months and we were engaged. and then another 2 and we got married.
    spooner: Wow... you guys really got down to business eh?
    bride: Yeah. Everyone thought I was pregnant.
  4. moon_flower

    moon_flower Banned

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    My sister married at 18 before she even graduated. She did it to spite her ex-boyfriend who she'd been with on and off since they were 6. He finally decided he was ready for something stable and someone that didn't treat him less than human. So, he broke up with her. 4 months later she married the guy that, no more than 5 months before she said she hated....because the ex didn't like him. She's ridiculous and she was definitely too young to be married. And, she will probably remain too young for the rest of her life.
    On the other hand, a friend of mine got married at 16. She married because she got pregnant. They ended up losing the baby, but they're still together and going strong. She's now 21. They're expecting another baby and I'm happy for her. She seemed to really understand what was going on in her life and she's truly happy.
    I want to wait until I just feel like it's right. I don't want to marry because I've had a baby. I don't want to marry because it's easier as far as insurance and benefits are. I want to marry because it's what we both want. The boyfriend and I have talked about it and we're both still way too young for it. He doesn't want to say he'll commit to me until death only for us to find out 1 year later that we're just not meant to be. We've said that if we're still together in 4 or 5 years, we'll give it a thought....but only if it feels right.
  5. Poem~Girl

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    i know of someone who had gotten preggers at 15 and her bf 16 and her were going strong. Her bf had a job at 15 and still today they have 4 beautiful children and they are 32 and 34. It can happen . Shes a 15,11, 9,7 yr old. they are such well mannered children considering she had them very young.
  6. hippiechick85

    hippiechick85 Member

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    i got married when i was 18 and im still happy and in love
  7. Allonym

    Allonym cheesecake slut

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    im 21 and engaged to be engaged... my bf has threatened to propose in a year or so, ive leafed through bridal magazines... its bad. ive never wanted to be married before, then i met him and wha-bam i want to marry him. but, get engaged in a while, then live together for 1-3 years, -then- get married. make sure we can tand each other longer term, and living together, before we tie the knot
  8. mlee27

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    "on and off since they were 6"who dates at six years old???? anyway ot all depends ont the people, i know alot of people that marries young and got divorced and i know a lot of people who maaried young and are divorced. if it freaks you out then don't get married young.
  9. hippychickmommy

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    I was engaged at 19, married by 20. I love my husband more now than the day we were married. I will be 29 this August and he 33.

    I don't think marrying young is for everyone. I think it depends on a lot of factors, maturity being a big part of it. Some people aren't anywhere near ready for marriage at that age, or heck, any age for that matter. ;)

    Don't worry, when/if you meet the right person and if marriage is something you find appealing, you'll know when the right time for you is. Just because others are marrying young, doesn't mean you should feel like there is something wrong with you for not wanting the same thing. Everyone is different.
  10. hummblebee

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    I know it works sometimes... and hippychickmommy and homeschoolmama are two wonderful examples... but I really think waiting is a good thing most of the time. :)

    My partner of 5... I guess 5.5 years and I just decided to get married next month. In all this time we've been together we've never planned on it (in fact we planned on NOT marrying) but as time went by we started running out of good reasons not to. We've been together for so long now, we've seen the thick and the thin and lived in just about every possible situation, so we know we will last. Really the marriage won't change anything at all, except how we stand from a legal and societal standpoint. I'll rest easier knowing that, in case of an emergency, he's my legal next-of-kin. And sometime soon, we hope to both be insured also!

    ... It's funny, even though we'd never really considered it... after he asked and we decided it seemed like it was a long time coming. Like it was just a matter of that stressful decision, which especially for him, required some re-examining of priorities and beliefs. Once we got over the hump (which took, in all, about 3 minutes) we went right back to being our blissful selves. More blissful than ever in fact!

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