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Discussion in 'Busted!' started by Mejez, Mar 11, 2008.

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    • I have got to be the luckiest f*cker on the planet. I've got to tell somebody out there! I can't tell my wife... she'd have a fit.
    • First a bit of background. I roll my own smokes by hand, Rizzlas and Drum, and they all look like joints... and when I do roll a joint it's just the first hit or two at the front end followed by a regular smoke at the back.
    • Yesterday, on the way home from work, I was smoking a joint as usual when I was stopped by a red light. All the windows of the car were wide open. I had a mouthful of the beautiful weed when a cop van pulled up next to me. The cop driving stared at me through my passenger window and shouted... "Hey! What are you smoking?... is it Dagga?"(weed). I said nothing (I could'nt have even if I wanted to), just held up my Drum packet for him to see, and at the same time dropped the joint out of the window.
    • He saw me drop the smoke and immediately jumped out of the van and ran around to my side of the car. By now my eyes were starting bulge as I held back the desire to exhale. He bent down, picked up the joint and held it to his nose and smelled it. THEN HE GAVE IT BACK TO ME before getting back into his car. Just as we were about to drive off he asked again through the passenger window, "Why did you throw it away?" - By this time my eyes were watering. The only answer I could muster was - "It's a shit habit."...
    • Then the lights changed and I drove off... and that's when I started shaking. I finished the smoke at home by which time it stank like a regular roach! I'm 49 and never been bust - I can't allow complancency to change that now. Phew! That was too close.
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    all i have to say is i would have pooped my pants :D
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    haha nice, u just stared at him and dropped it. lol, i can imagine how hard it was to hold the smoke! haha. maybe its better not to smoke while driving... :D close call, nice first post.
  4. skullkidnate

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    I sure as hell would too.

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