Tommy Lee Goes to College

Discussion in 'TV' started by DancerAnnie, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. DancerAnnie

    DancerAnnie Resident Beach Bum


    What has this world come to?
  2. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    I dont know but when i saw previews for that I about laughed my ass off for about 15 to 20 minutes...
    Some of these shows are getting out of hand.. but yeah..dont know why they wasted the funds on that one..
  3. kif

    kif Member

    I'll pass on that one.
  4. Bassist

    Bassist Gate crasher!


    what a world we live in.
  5. Flyinglilypad

    Flyinglilypad Member

    *doesn't know who tommy lee is* Everyone goes to college though, I don't see why that would be interesting.
  6. IronGoth

    IronGoth Newbie

    Flyinglilypad: Tommy Lee is the drummer for Motley Crue, a rock band from back in the day when people played guitars and stuff. He's most known for being a member of one of the rowdiest bands ever. He's Hep C + from needle use as well as sleeping with just about everyone including his exwife Pam Anderson. He chose booze over her cause he figures rockstars are required by charter to be alcoholic. He's now in his 40s.

    In short, him going to college is like Method Man and Redman joining the House of Lords.
  7. ihmurria

    ihmurria fini

    it looks seriously lame
  8. DancerAnnie

    DancerAnnie Resident Beach Bum

    *points and laughs*

    You don't know who Tommy Lee is!


    I'm just kidding...
  9. Nathan11

    Nathan11 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    It's on right now.
  10. YellowBellyHippy

    YellowBellyHippy Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I thought it was funny :) But Im easily amused.....
  11. hippieatheart

    hippieatheart vagina boob

    i havent seen it, or saw any previews for it, but i can just say that i would never watch something like that. so what? a rockstar going to college... whoooa. people are running out of things to put on television. just like all the other lame reality tv shows on tv.
  12. SpliffVortex

    SpliffVortex Senior Member

    [​IMG] Million dollar babies:

    Happy birthday to shock rocker Alice Cooper, born Vincent Damon Furnier in Detroit 57 years ago Friday. And he knows what he'd like as a birthday gift: An end to the NHL lockout.

    "It's killing me," Cooper, a lifelong Red Wings fan and more recently a fan of his hometown Phoenix Coyotes, told BtS in a visit in Orlando, Fla. "I go to all the Coyote games when I'm in town. When I was this big, my dad used to take me to Olympia to see Gordie Howe. My room was a shrine to Al Kaline. He was my Mickey Mantle."

    Cooper, an avid golfer who has done commercials promoting Callaway products, also has been hanging around at the PGA Merchandise Show. He'll talk sports and golf all day, or at least part of the day -- when he's not out on the course.

    "Six times a week," Cooper said. "You know you're addicted if you're on the tee at 8 a.m. When I wake up in the morning, my wife Sheryl points to the course and says, 'Go.'

    "Even got nine in this morning before coming here."

    Cooper is working on his 29th album. The first 28 were gold, platinum or double platinum and he's sold more than 60 million records. He plays to scratch in the recording business, a 4-handicap in golf.

    "We moved to Phoenix when I was 10 and saw people playing this odd game, golf," he said. "We only had three sports in Detroit when I was growing up. Baseball, football and grand theft auto.

    "I didn't start playing seriously until I quit drinking in '81. It was 36 holes a day. I had to do something to keep me off the bottle."

    Golf is an ironic antidote.

    "It's the most addicting game in the world," Cooper said.
  13. IronGoth

    IronGoth Newbie

    The sad thing is it's contrived.

    There's a disclaimer that says that he isn't REALLY a student and that situations in the show are staged.

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