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    I've been a fan of Tom Clancy for a few months now when I first started trying to actually read his books as opposed to just watching the movies based on his books. My first read of his was one of the "Net Force" series. If memory serves it was "Net Force: Night Moves." The "Net Force" series are spy/espionage stories with the twist of being in a futuristic time where surfing the Internet utilizes Virtual Reality. These books sucked me in to learning more about the author and branching out to his war books.

    Now, I'm not much into war. I consider myself a pacifist and I don't much care for the military but for some strange reasons I do love spy stories. I love things to do with MI5, MI6, CIA, etc. Because of this, I find myself truly liking Clancy and the way he writes about spies as normal people not just the sterotypical "James Bond" sort of image.

    Obviously his books are going to be slanted from a Pro-America viewpoint, but overall I find that even when describing a wartime encounters of British and American soldiers against the Russians, the way he writes you find yourself cheering on both sides equally.

    His books can be a lengthy read for certain. But I would definitely recommend trying out "Rainbow Six" (the book not the game) as it's a brilliant story of espionage and special ops as they try to keep the world from being infected by a super virus intended to wipe out the popluation in mass quantities.

    Right now, I'm reading "Executive Orders" and well, considering it is about 1300 pages long, I'll probably be reading it for awhile. :)

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