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  1. i was looking through my bag of ak47 and i found a seed if i planted this now would i be able to harvest by august 18th? give or take a couple days. ill be growing outside in utah.
  2. Drakk420

    Drakk420 Member

    Aw man....

    You got some AK47 (if it's real) and you got a fuckin HERMIE sack?? Man, I'd be real pissed if I was told it was AK47 and got fuckin seeds in it.

    that shit is retarded.

    But to answer your question, don't just stick it in the ground. look up the proper care and growing of a pot plant, i mean, if you just shove it in the dirt, it'll probably grow, but you'll come across more problems if you don't properly take care of it.
  3. rangerdanger

    rangerdanger Senior Member

    You're wrong.
    Seeds are caused by the union of a grain of pollen and a bud hair.
    The pollen can come from a male plant, or a stray male flower in a predominately female plant.
    It's not uncommon to find a seed or two, usually deep in a bud, out of an entire plant.

    Anyway, harvest time outside is mid-Oct.
    If you harvest in mid-Aug all you'll end up with is leaves.
  4. like the seed itself wasnt really on any of the nugs when i found it it was jsut sitting in the sack. and ive asked people who have had real ak47 in the past and they said it defffiantly was it. im really not pissed about finding a seed it just gives me a chance to grow some really good weed.
  5. rangerdanger

    rangerdanger Senior Member

    Obviously,all strains make seeds.
    I grow a lot of different strains every year (I like variety) and I find maybe 4--8 seeds a year out of the approx. kilo of weed I smoke per year.
    Finding a few seeds doesn't make the weed any less potent.
    And, like you said, it gives you a way to grow some, for pennies per oz.

    Wait until you find an ideal location. Plant in the spring (April 20 is ideal) and harvest in Oct.
    Or grow indoors.
  6. Thank you RangerDanger you have much wisdom i like that about you lol. like you said just because it has seeds in it doesnt mean its less potent at all. i dont like it when people think that weed is less potent because of seeds. people need to do their research. Thank you very much for your advice your a great man
  7. buffoonman

    buffoonman Senior Member

    "Great man" Hi praise indeed.
  8. T.H. Cammo

    T.H. Cammo Member

    I found a seed on a Thai Stick once, back in the days. I just remember it was big and dark and scarry lookin'. Thought about growing it, but I didn't have a clue. "People" didn't have 'puters then and there were no grow forums. You got to love the technology.
  9. he deserves high praise. thanks to him i have 163 female plants. if it werent for him i would have nothing. contrary to what a few might say about him Rangerdanger knows his stuff. if i ever need advice i will go straight to him. he is a very knowledgable-(sp?) man. Great man indeed. i propose a toast to the man behind the name. rangerdanger. if you read this man. thanks a lot!.

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