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Discussion in 'Health' started by environmental_junkie, Jan 14, 2005.

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    Yes I have finally decided to give this getting healthy thing another go and ignore all the times I've failed in the past...

    Well I decide I will start by detoxing my body although I'm not sure how I should do this... Should I just not eat anything for 24hrs and just drink plenty of water?

    I'm not even sure exactly what type of diet plan I'm going to set myself up with any suggestions?... I know that I will cut out all junk food, including fast food, fried food, soda ect ... but what type of foods help burn more calories, or will give me the most energy?...Please don't mention any seafood there is no way I will eat any of it...I don't care how healthy it is.

    What foods should I definately stay away from, cheeze ? White bread? Pasta :& ... this will be hard, but I ask you to please help me out.

    Also I really would like to start exersicing, should this be done every night, morning or just every second day? What types of exercise should I be doing? What do you reccomend?

    ...I really don't want to give up on this one like all the others, so all the pointers and such I would really appresiate
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    O.K. not eating for 24 hours will help.
    Diet suggestions...Nothing out of a box. A wide variety of organic fruits vegetables and grain. Nothing fried, if you do fry something fry it in butter or olive oil. No hydrogenated oil its really bad for you. I'm veggie but if ya gotta eat meat keep the serving small, the food guide says no bigger than a deck of cards. Green apples and peppermint tea are reputed to give you as much energy as coffee, naturally. If you eat that way you shouldn't need to worry about burning calories. Pasta is fine but keep the serving about fist size. If you do eat junk food don't go overboard and don't get down on yourself about. We are talking about a healthier lifestyle here, not a diet.
    I eat cheese, but it is mostly fat and salt so its not good for me per se, there is some protein in there too.

    Exersize as often as you can. Do something fun. Dance...hoola hoop...hackysack...wall climb...jump on a trampoline...take your dog for a yoga. i've never really understood joggers and gym people, it just doesn't seem like much fun.

    Have fun!
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    you sound like you're about to go through an intense couple of months, if you plan on sticking with all those ideas.
    my advice to you is this:
    i am a recovered junk foodie, now vegan healthfoodie.
    first thing, MOST importantly, start SLOW.
    1) you will not stick to a regimin if you are repulsed by it. fast food is just terrible for your body. i'd cut that first. before cutting fried foods, white products, etc., cut out packaged artificial snacks and meals. this means no: nasty chips, candies, or fruit snacks. look on the package and avoid foods that say: artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or hydrogenated oils. the good news is, that if you have any type of health food store/department, you should be able to find all natural alternatives. i know that even shop rite round here has chips without nasty ingredients. it's becoming trendy. fruit leather is a good alternative to fruit roll up type things.

    2) give up white products. namely white bread, and white sugar. my one vice is semolina (white) pasta. can't help it; think wheat pasta tastes like crap. but you need some kind of whole grain bread, even if it's a simple whole wheat bread. just be sure that the bread doesn't contain artificial gook! lots do! one of the major reasons for cutting out white products is because they are stripped of any nutrients. it's like apples- everyone knows that the skin is the healthiest. when they make white flour, sugar, rice- they strip off the fiberous outter layer. brown rice is a good alternative.
    white sugar is the same- simply 'unnatural.' cane sugar is an easy to find, comprable tasting alternative.

    3) cut down on dairy, red meats, alcohol, sugar. although some of these things is okay, it's better and you'll feel better if you really limit intake. especially sugar. you'll really notice a difference; this really really means finding an alternative to soda, which contains a nasty concentrated sugar called high fructose corn syrup. STAY away from this, as you would all that artificial stuff.
    add veggies. that's most important. eat lots of fruit, not lots of fruit juice. the fiber in fruit is good for you- juices lack this and add lots and lots of sugar.

    4) drink lots of water, and exercise. i really enjoy martial arts because it's fun while you work out. rather than gym stuff. i play capoeira. if you've got a group near you, check it out. it's really great.

    5) detox only when you're ready. i'm not sure that the person above said about not eating for a day. i think that, if it's so that you're eating fast food and all, just cutting out that junk is a way to detox. drinking as much water as possible (well, don't go overboard) is so important. another simple way to help detox without fasting is to take a mild laxitive tea. laxitives are great for getting out the extra junk, as you'd imagine. teas do not force your body to expell EVERYTHING, so they're not uncomfortable, and they have you body do it naturally.

    6) while you detox, look at your tongue, and your body odor. your tongue might be coated with white, as the ick is coming up through there. also out your pores. don't be alarmed by this!

    7) realize that detoxing your body also involves the outside stuff. most shampoos and soaps have artificial junk in them. stick to simple products.

    8) down the line, drink veggie juices pretty regularly, add soy to your diet, look into fermented products such as miso. ginger is super good for you. green tea is great. yogurt, whether soy or dairy, is necessary to stay in balance. the good bacterias help counter the bad ones, the kinds that give you yeast infections, etc.

    9) GET A BOOK! one i like is called...i think...60 ways to stay healthy. you needn't do this alone. most importantly, as i said at first, the process needs to be slow. don't pust yourself. educate yourself.
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    Detox = 48 hours, no food, just water and fruit juices.

    That'll flush your system out and give you a good start.
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    I just got a Detox diet book & it's great. I'm trying to fast once a week. I actually liked the Master cleanse/lemonade-sounds gross but pretty good(lemon juice,maple syrup, cayenne pepper & water). Drink water,eat grapes,drink fresh fruit & veggie juices, watermelon, even broth are alright as long as there's not too much sodium. Drink lots of tea! Green,peppermint,etc. I 'm picking up a juicer on Tuesday from freecycle I'm pumped to be juicing carrots & such. Change your lifestyle-no fast food,no fried food, no white bread or sugar. Go organic & soy. I also use all natural bath & body products mainly. Another detox thing for your skin is to brush it with a natural bristled brush every day before showering -I love doing this.

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