To whoever wanted to inject Salvinorin A:

Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by otb01, May 10, 2007.

  1. otb01

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  2. Shocbomb

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    Dam man I love shooting drugs up, But why in thw world would you want to shoot Saliva. Really Really bad idea. I can't even begin to see how that would be injoyable at all. You shoot drugs so you can feel the rush like coke, Herion. Sped etc, Drugs that make you trip are not ment to be shoot !!! I shoot up special K ounce and it was terrable it hit me so dam hard it was not injoyable at all. Liquid LSD is alright when shoot as soon as it hits your blood stream you strart to trip real hard its amazing! you can even shoot up paper lsd you let the tabs soke in water and then shoot the water. anyways But when it comes to saliva I just can't see anyreason one would want to feel the high like that. I hate smoking the shit I would never ever think of injecting it !!!! Also shooting any drug is not the best idea its way way to addictive and easy to OD from, please take it from me !!!
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    I agree.

    Shooting is for certain types of people. I'm not judgmental; I've had friends who just liked doing it (not for me - shooters have to be very clean, patient, meticulous people).

    But what the fuck? Salvia comes on and hits you in about five seconds anyway!
  4. otb01

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    I know. I don't want to shoot it. I remember a thread where some guy DID want to shoot it and I had read a while back that he didn't know where to get DMSO and I stumbled upon this and figgured I could post it hoping he would see it.
  5. tripoli

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    I don't get it, OTB.

    I didn't see anything about Saliva in that link.
  6. Riddance

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