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Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by BuddyLov, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. BuddyLov

    BuddyLov Banned

    Do you mind it if a guy jacks off to you? Have you ever seen your own brother jacking and cum? Tell me how it all happened.
  2. crankyirishgirl

    crankyirishgirl Fuck You

    MY best friend when I was younger was a guy and we would talk everynight for hours and hours untill the early hours of the morning,and he jerked off everythime we talked on the phone,and no it didnt bother me for two reasons,he's gay so his jerking off had nothing to do with me and becuase i didnt have to see any of it going on or hear any weird sounds.;)
  3. I haven't ever seen my brother jacking off, thank God, but I do remember a few years ago when we were wrestling that he got a boner and went to the bathroom.. I hope it was to pee. :rolleyes:
  4. horny_as_hell

    horny_as_hell Member

    i looooooove watching guys jack off. i think it's super sexy! unfortunately, i've never seen it in real life. it feels really good to be able to make a guys cock so hard without touching it yourself, just using words. and then to actually watch him cum from it. omg i'm getting so wet just thinking about it!

    oh, and i don't have a brother...
  5. Dragonfly

    Dragonfly Senior Member

    i don't care if a guy wanks for me.

    i've never seen my bro jackin it, and i wouldn't watch because that just sick
  6. pinkbunny17

    pinkbunny17 Member

    I have seen my Brother masturbating several times.
  7. Mr. Man

    Mr. Man Member

    LOL, you could brag that you're so hot that even your own brother got a boner when you were bodies were pressed against each other's.

    And no, I seriously doubt the reason he went to the bathroom was to pee. Guys don't get boners from having to pee, they only get them when they're sexually aroused.
  8. Mr. Man

    Mr. Man Member

    So was he masturbating to the sight of you? Were you naked or what?
  9. Fastswitch

    Fastswitch Visitor

    I thought masturbation was the 'lonely eroticism?' Why in the gods names would a guy waste the company of a good woman to wank? Crazy! And brothers, too? Gimme a break!
  10. lynzxx

    lynzxx Senior Member

    if i ever seen my brother doin that i would get sick lol
  11. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    For a start off, there are those times each month when women are not up to having full physical sex, but the man's desires remain constant from day to day.

    Obviously this sexual tension may be released by masturbation, and some men will actually find more pleasure from self masturbation than by having their partner doing it for them, and may well find it more arousing to do it in the presence of their partner rather than rely on porn all the time.

    Or, it could simply be down to adding to sexual variety. Many men get extremely sexually aroused by watching women masturbating as an aid to their own masturbatory satisfaction, so who's to say that a woman can't get aroused by a similar situation.

    I, for one, have been in the situation where my partners get turned on by watching me masturbate when they're not up to actually having sex, but they usually love to join in with the clean up afterwards.
  12. Mr. Man

    Mr. Man Member

    Why sick? Wouldn't you think he was just a normal guy, or normal human being, masturbating like most other people either do or have done at some point in their life?
  13. shiznid12

    shiznid12 Member


    When I have to piss really bad, I get boners. Bladder + prostate pressure = boner.
  14. Rigamarole

    Rigamarole Senior Member

    Hence the Morning Wood.
  15. RokMyBobbySox

    RokMyBobbySox Member

    I don't have a brother. So no to that. I did however used to watch my cousin jack off. We were young and didn't know it wasn't right for each other to watch. We used to sneak peeks at dirty mags of my older couins and he used to show me "HOW COOL" it was that if he did "this" to his cock it would do "that" Ha ha. Was fun. That is all I am admitting we did here!!! But yes, I love watching men jack off infront of me, especially if I am pleasing myself. I think it is hot. It is hard to keep my mouth and hands off but it is enjoyable to see!!
  16. SatanHam

    SatanHam Member

    chicago needs more girls like that.
  17. MissBHave

    MissBHave insert clever phrase here

    I may be totally twisted but I think it is a huge compliment when a guy thinks of me when he jacks off lol
  18. SatanHam

    SatanHam Member

    i believe the feeling is mutual.
  19. MissBHave

    MissBHave insert clever phrase here

    I suppose it is
  20. SatanHam

    SatanHam Member

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