To my beloved and Dear ღ♥ღAllahღ♥ღ few words from the deepest part of My Heart

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    Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatu Allahi wabarakatu
    Hi there =) I hope you all are fine and happy today and everyday, Amen =)
    Here are some few words To The Best Thing oer being I HAVE EVER KNOWN IN My Entire Life, He is my precious Lord, Allah, my creator^^
    NB: I read that it is attributed to imam Hussain (Prophet Muhammad's grandson -PBUT)


    O Allah what did he find who lost you,

    And what did he loose who found you

    The One Who has you

    What does he need

    And the One who lost you
    What does he have


    I can NOT explain on how honored and grateful I am for being a Muslim and Allah's creature and slave. I wish, hope and pray with all my heart and soul that you will know his majetsy as I do. And as imam Ali (Prophet Muhammads' cousin-PBUT) said I say:

    I am honored that you are my Lord and I am proud that I am your slave, You are exactly as I desire, so make me exactly as you desire
    Oh Amen to that, Amen^^
    other translation:

    Enough Pride for me...That you are my Lord

    Enough Honour for To be your slave
    without Allah my heart won't do this anymore
    (= *Peace and love* =)

    Yours Sincerely,
    Cat Stevens

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