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Discussion in 'Pets and Animals' started by Heaven, Jan 27, 2005.

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    Today I had to go to the veterinary with my rabbit Schlumpl.

    He has the trots for three weeks now. The veterenary told me, that I feed my rabbit the wrong way. he gets fodder every day. you know, the ready mixed fodder you can buy in a supermarket.

    But the veterinary told me, I should just feed him hay (!), fruit, salat and vegetable and sometimes hard bread. No fodder. The fodder would destroy his gut flora and liver.
    She said, i should feed my guinea pigs the same way.

    Did you know that? How do you feed your rabbit? I don`t want to make my rabbit ill and thought, the rabbit owners among you could be interested.

    I hope, you understand, what i was trying to say, because my English is not that good!
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    Aww poor Schlumpl. Hope he gets better soon.

    We do feed our rabbits pellets, but a decent brand recommened by our vet.
    The supermarket stuff is full of pointless but tasty bits, and healthy but not so appealing bits. Guess which they eat. So it's not that great in the long run.

    Hay should be the main part of their diet. A generous handful every day should be enough. Ours eat alfalfa, and the cheap ordinary stuff they sit in (mainly the later, dumb bunnies. :))

    Fruit, vegetables etc are given as treats. Just a couple of diffrent things a day (a carrot, cauliflower leaves etc)
    Never tried them on bread, offered them some once and Casey looked as if to say 'no Mama that's your food'. Though I know rabbits who go nuts for it.

    Gradually introduce new foods, and make sure they aren't too watery. Then it should be okay.

    Don't know about guinea pigs, just that they do have diffrent dietary needs to rabbits. They need more vitamin C and probably some other things.
    There are plenty of websites that would give more detailed information.
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    I usually only feed Basil Bunny pellets & carrots. Thanks for letting me know, I'll start giving him other stuff too. I would hate for something to happen to my bunny.

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