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Discussion in 'Pets and Animals' started by mudpuddle, May 18, 2004.

  1. mudpuddle

    mudpuddle MangaHippiePornStar Lifetime Supporter

    Why the Hell is my Fish Tank water Green?????

    And beforeYou say it's Dirty I spend two and a Half Hours every Sunday cleaning the Stupid Green...

    Why is this Happening?

    Oh...and the Fish are perfectly Healthy...all having babies...they're Tropical btw...

    I've had it for Two years...the pump is only a Few months Old...'cause I got a New one...
  2. katherine

    katherine Member

    Green in you tank is most likely Algae, which is usually controlled by keeping the tank out of direct sunlight for as much of the day as possible. Its also a good idea to clean the sides regularly, the best solution being a magnetic cleaner that has two magnets, one each side of the glass, that stick together and allow you to clean the sides without getting your hands wet or even removing the lid. You can also get fish that stick to the side of the tank and suck Algae off, and snails are another option, although they tend to breed like mad, and are also tempting food for larger fish. Overall though, Algae shouldn't harm your fish, unless it becomes really bad, but it does make the tank look unclean and stops you seeing your fish, and them seeing you (although in some cases thats a good thing, as when mine sees people it thinks its going to get fed :rolleyes: ).
    Hope this helps :)
  3. Sage-Phoenix

    Sage-Phoenix Imagine

    Katherine's right, it's algae

    You have to clean it every week. Part and parcel of fish caring I'm afraid.


  4. mudpuddle

    mudpuddle MangaHippiePornStar Lifetime Supporter

    Ah...the Sun...I just realised that in the Afternoon it's in Direct Sunlight for a Few hours...

    Hmmm...Guess I better keep them Curtains Closed...

    And somehow get rid of All the Algae Stuff...

    Yeah...thanks Anyways...

    I do Clean it every week though...used to be Crystal Clear til a Few weeks Back...
  5. katherine

    katherine Member

    I wouldn't be suprised if a few weeks ago the sun got high enough for the tank to be in the sun for a few hours in the afternoon, and thats when the algae formed. If its out of direct sunlight it should stay clear for weeks. I clean all the sides and the rocks etc in the tank, every few months when I change the water, and use the magnetic cleaner if the front gets green. I'm currently looking for a coldwater Plec (fish that sticks to sides and eats algae) to help with cleaning though.
    Good look with cleaning :)
  6. Oklahoma

    Oklahoma Member

    yup algae. It's not harmful for your fish, but I know that it can be rather unappealing.

    I don't recommend an algae eating fish. I used to always have one in my tank, but it just caused more problems than it solved. My tank was always algae-free, but as a result, the fish kept growing, and needed more food, but didn't have any because he had already cleaned it all up... So I started feeding him these veggie wafer things, which he ate, but sometimes only half-finished, so there got to be this nasty buildup of moldy green crap under the rocks and stuff... Plus he left shit all over the bottom of the tank. I ended up selling him, because I could tell he was getting too big for the tank and didn't look very healthy.

    Snails are cool, but if you're not careful you'll end up with a million of them in there. After the experience with the suckermouth cat(fish), I'd just as soon use one of those scraper things.
  7. luv2behigh

    luv2behigh Member

    too much food clouds water

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