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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by sk8er, Jan 3, 2005.

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    ok who ever in here who knows stoney, you may want to read this, iam a close pal of stoneys, the other night he was deppressed and took some pills and slit his wrists, i got him to a hospital , the doctor said if he gotten there 5 mins later he would of been dead, hes still there, he asked me to let you peeps on here know, he also asked me to post his sucide letter so here it is

    "iam so sick of being treated like shit, all my life ive been hurt, i try and try to put out all my love, but it seems its never enough, iam still in love with someone, but its quite obvouis they dont love me back, iam sorry steth i will never waste your time again, but i want you to know that i do still love you, if i never loved you, i would never asked you to marry me, since you have not talked to me since then iam quite sure you dont want me anymore,
    so iam gonna end my life, its nothing, ive always been worlthless, and i will never amount to any thing, is it to much to ask to be loved by someone, for me and this person to share the same love for eacthother, i guiess it is"

    thats all his letter said, hes still in the hosptial, ive done my job, if any of you want me to say anything to him i shall, i think it would cheer him up a bit
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    please tell him that we love him, he's in my thoughts and prayrs, and I hope that he can find a way to make it through this. He's a kind soul and the world would be less without him.
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    this is the stoney i know? the kind brother with that beautifil 300 year old djimbe? i've been wondering why i hadnt seen him in so long
    plesse send all our love & help him through it
    i had no idea he was in so much pain, but i've lost a few freinds that way & noone saw theyre pain
    it just shows us we need to pay closer attention to eachother & be there for eachother
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    Sk8er, you let zach know that I do still love him! But I've moved on and found someone else and didn't want to tell him. He didn't scare me off when he proposed, it's just that I was going through some bad and rough shit at the time and didn't have access to a computer at all. I never mean't to neglect him or anything. I still want to be his good friend and all, but I just can't be his lover and all. I will still talk to him and listen to his problems and read his beautiful poems he sends me. that was the best part about him, he made me laugh and could write beautiful poems. Anyways, tell him my love it still with him and always will be and that he better not do this again for the sake of me!
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    Tell Stoney Teepi still loves him and she wants to talk with him again when he can get back to me.

    Tell him I said to take this time and have some talks with his spirit, it is always there for him. This is a stepping stone leading to the rest of a life that he was put here to live, we have all kinds of things in our path, some joyous, some scary...but it is all there for us to work through.

    Give him a hug for me,

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