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Discussion in 'Children's Books' started by BadButBit, Mar 20, 2008.

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    I read a book when I was a little boy and want to recall the title perhaps if I describe the book you can tell me :

    A little duckling's parents ask him what he wants for his birthday and to their shock and dismay he says he wants an umbrella. Despite their shame they give him his umbrella and when he opens the present everybody at his birthday party laugh at the little duckling who was so afraid of water he wanted an umbrella for his birthday. It begins to rain and he runs outside with his umbrella. He plants the open umbrella upside down into the ground and lets rain water gather in it. Soon he and all his little duckling friends are wading in his new collapsible pool.

    Do you remember this book? Can you tell me the title?

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    Haha, I remember that book! I don't know what it was called sadly, but I do know what you're talking about. Maybe it'll spark in my memory if I think really hard about it. I'll try for you.

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